We all know journalists will come with any old rubbish to make a headline but the latest Alan Pardew West Ham manager story takes some beating.

Under the headline ‘Alan Pardew Shock Contender For West Ham Job’, the story on the Mirror website has added 2 + 2 + 879851 and managed to come up with 4.

pardew west ham managerThe ‘sauces’ for the story are that;

Alan Pardew still has a house in London

…and the Newcastle manager is claimed to be ‘a close friend’ of West Ham co-owner, David Gold.

Well that’s it then , must be just about a done deal!

All that was missing was that ‘Pards’ is disappointed that there aren’t jellied eels and pie & mash on sale at his local cafe in the backward north east.

The story flags up the problem of the compensation West Ham would have to pay Fat Sam but fails to mention the inconvenient detail of buying Alan Pardew out from his eight year deal.

All managers leave, sooner or later, but I think we can safely assume Alan Pardew wil be at Newcastle for a little while longer.