The Newcastle Sunderland derby date and time has been confirmed for the match at St.James’ Park.

Predictably but sadly, we have been landed with the latest in a long line of rubbish lunchtime kick-off times for the most anticipated match of the season.

newcastle sunderland derbyDespite no TV broadcast of the derby game, Northumbria Police have insisted on a 12.45pm kick-off, though grateful for small mercies – at least the match remains on Saturday 1 February.

What many fans see as an over the top use of the powers the police possess, denies supporters a much more preferable traditional 3pm kick-off.

It would appear unlikely that we will ever see a decent kick-off time unless something drastically changes.

As we reported yesterday, there have also been meetings between the police and Sunderland fan representatives where it has been revealed that the police could force all their fans to travel on official buses with tickets dispensed en route to St.James’ Park.

Though a final decision is still to be made.