Having read the Minutes of the recent NUFC Fans Forum, does anyone actually believe that the forum is anything other than a tick box exercise on behalf of the club?

After a period of silence following correspondence from NUST and the FSF, the minutes confirmed that NUST had been permanently banned because of a breach of protocol at what appears to be the sole discretion of the club.

nufc fans forumAll about the timing, so they claim, not about the content . It’s quite laughable really since if the club had of issued its official minutes in relation to the first meeting when they’d promised, then in theory the issuing of NUST’S report would have been a non-issue.

In that case I’m sure that the club would have found another reason to exclude NUST.

The views of the other forum members don’t seem to matter and that, I suspect, is because the club really don’t care about their views.

What is more important to them is ensuring the forum is filled with individuals – and I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the members – with no accountability, in the sense of having to report back to a membership rather than any type of organised group (save for the disabled fans representative) and the club can generally control the agenda going forward.

Look, a Gallowgate member of the forum resigned because of the media ban…..never mind there’s someone else to take their place.

If you don’t conform to the club’s views or you step out of line then you’re off the forum, no discussion or debate.  What a sham!