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Newcastle United Season Ticket Deadline

8 years ago

Like the majority of match-going fans, I signed up for the Newcastle United season ticket deal by direct debit.

Under the ten year deal, you pay an amount every month and your season ticket is renewed automatically.

So what is the deadline for when you have to cancel next season’s season ticket by if you don’t want to renew?

Whether you are fed up, can’t afford it, just want to pay match by match – when do you have to tell the club you are knocking your season ticket on the head?

I didn’t have a clue and speaking to a load of mates who have also had enough, the general consensus was sometime in February.

The club don’t send out anything reminding you when this deadline is, which I take it must be legally correct but surely morally wrong?

Anyway, I rang the club’s premium rate box office line and eventually got through to somebody who could (reluctantly) tell me when the Newcastle United season ticket deadline was.

The answer is tomorrow!

Yes, before the transfer window closes on Friday, you have to decide if you are going again next season.

More to the point, if you miss that deadline and don’t want to go next season then it is tough because you are committed to it (read terms and conditions blah blah blah).

I’m not encouraging anybody to pack in their season tickets, that is your decision alone, but I don’t want anybody to end up in the position that I nearly found myself, of having to continue paying for another 12 months when I couldn’t/didn’t want to.

If you are on the direct debit scheme and don’t want to renew your season ticket then you MUST cancel by 5pm Friday 31st January (though I just rang again to double check and now they are saying you can also hand a letter in on Saturday at the box office)

To do so you have to email [email protected] stating you want to cancel and the club told me that you then get a reply confirming this.

To get further information then the only number I could find is the general box office one which is 0844 372 1892, unsurprisingly you aren’t given any option for ‘cancelling season tickets’ so when I got through I did the following;

Press 1 (for home tickets) then

Press 2 (for option which includes season ticket enquiries) then

Press 1 (for home tickets)

Then explain you want to cancel and you’ll be put through to the person who told me that I had to email [email protected] and then you can ask any further questions.

It is common practice for businesses to get you on direct debits because so many of us forget about them, or go to cancel and find out we are too late.

I’m knocking my season ticket on the head – it was a lucky escape that I bothered finding out exactly when and how I had to do it, the club certainly aren’t going to advertise it!

If you cancel then your last payment will be in February which will finish off paying for this current season, then March would be your first of 12 payments for next season if you keep on going.



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