The latest news from France sees reports of a meeting between United and Montpellier yesterday, with a Newcastle transfer for Remy Cabella under discussion.

French media organisation Le10sport reiterate that according to their information, a deal for Cabella is scheduled for the end of the season but that if Newcastle come up with 17m Euros then the deal would happen now.

yohan cabayeWaiting on that deal, Le10sport understand that PSG are ready and willing to pay 30m euros for Yohan Cabaye once/if Newcastle do a deal on Cabella.

We continue to wait and see if anything does happen but the one positive you can take from this situation if you believe moves are afoot, is that at least Newcastle have a contingency plan if Cabaye is indeed to go.

For all the bluster of somebody like the Montpellier owner, the reality for most French clubs apart from such as PSG or Monaco with their benefactors, is that all the financial aspects are against clubs across the channel in terms of the revenues they generate. Plus, tax issues in France make a move to England even more attractive.

If the kind of ‘offers’ talked about above are on the table for the two players, then it could well be the case that even by the end of the season the moment may have gone for either club to cash in for top dollar.