There are endless arguments about who are the biggest english clubs and what criteria you use to decide what would class you as one of the ‘big’ ones.

I suppose a good starting place is a league table putting teams in order based on results in the Football League since 1888.

Different eras of course have seen various clubs dominate and yes, football did exist before Sky and the Premier League came along.

The clever people at Sporting Intelligence have put together the table below which lists every club based on the average number of points per game since 1888, with all matches having three points for a win.

No surprises for guessing that Manchester United and Liverpool feature at the top but when you put to one side the trio who have played a relative handful of games (MK Dons, Crawley and New Brighton Tower), you then have a top ten of the clubs who have featured at the top level for most of their existence.

In order you have;

Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Leeds, Chelsea, Spurs, Villa, Everton, Man City, Newcastle

Interestingly, the current top eight in the Premier League all feature here, then you have Villa in 11th at the moment and Leeds of course are still suffering.

Also a big shout out to the Heed Army at 39th!