The long running saga of Remy Cabella’s potential move to Newcastle could be coming to an end…in the summer.

Midi Libre (which is basically the Chronicle of Montpellier) has carried quotes from Montpellier’s Chairman/owner Laurent Nicollin, in which he states categorically that his prize asset Remy Cabella won’t leave in the January transfer window BUT he has reached agreement with Newcastle for the player. The assumption being that a move will happen in the summer.

remy cabellaFrom Midi Libri;

According to Laurent Nicollin, “Cabella will not leave”.

Laurent Nicollin, president of MHSC, confirmed Monday that Rémy Cabella would remain a Montpellier player until June, at least. “We have an agreement with the leaders of Newcastle that I will not reveal. But it does not include a departure from Rémy before June, this is a certainty” insisted Laurent Nicollin.

Thanks as always to Pierre for the invaluable translation work.