The sad but expected has happened, Goodbye Cabaye as he has left Newcastle United to the new cash bags in the world of Football, PSG.

For once, I am not really that bothered that he left.

There are many ways to look at this transfer deal from all the parties involved in it, I will list them below:

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goodbye cabayeCabaye: instead of playing with Shola and the fluffy Cisse, he will now be supplying and playing with Ibra and Cavani (no relations by the way). Would you blame him?

Instead of getting knocked out of the cup by the likes of Stevenage, Brighton & Cardiff he will play Barca, the Milans etc… the highlight of football, and let’s not forget the manager he will be playing for instead of the yes man we have. Last but not least, his wages will have probably trebled.

So, does anyone blame him for leaving? Let’s not forget that he has shown and expressed his disappointment and the lack of investment in the summer of 2012, when the club didn’t build on the team that finished 5th and the same again last summer, and we all know about the Arsenal bid and the shambles after that.

PSG: They are getting a great midfielder for good money, he’s not cup-tied for the Champions League and they are going to give it a go. Wow how time flies! Remember when we bought Robert from them when they were a small club? Now the table has turned.

Newcastle United: Great business as usual on paper and a disaster on the pitch. The team is safe and should end up in the top half unless a big bad run happens (probably will).

Ashley, JFK and Co will argue that watta great piece of business that was for a 28 year old that was bought 3 years ago for a 5th of the selling price!

That was the positive part but what about being 1 point behind Manchester United and with a small chance of repeating what happened 2 seasons ago with a team that is (was until last night) a much better and complete team than the 2011-2012 one!

With 16 games to go I bet that Man U will pick up at least 9 points more than NUFC and challenge the top 4, while we will be looking at Southampton overtaking us and don’t be surprised if the team drops to the bottom half.

The fans: as usual, we take it on the chin, powerless and loyal, deluded or naive? But will still forget quickly. Like with the Carroll transfer to Liverpool which turned out to be a master stroke (lucky or genius? I have no idea) this might be a good one for the club…

What to expect next?

Pardew to claim that Cabaye wanted to leave and the offer was too good to refuse for a 28 year old etc….. He will also claim that there are lots of targets and they are almost near that bloody invisible line of his! Let’s see if anyone will be over the line by Friday night.

Prepare yourselves for this on the 2nd of February:  we couldn’t identify the suitable players with a suitable price and that the squad is strong enough.

Basically the same old…

All we can do is sit and watch and punch some horses (camels) on Saturday after the Derby!

From Dubai

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