Over in France they are running a Cabaye opinion poll, asking if the player has made the right move in joining PSG.

Thanks to our chief translator Pierre for his services as always and this is how RMC have posed their question to the French public;

cabaye opinion poll‘The offer of €23 million from PSG announced by RMC Sport on Monday night seems to have convinced the leaders of Newcastle for the transfer of Yohan Cabaye  to PSG.

The French international is expected to formally join the Parisian club on Tuesday.

Appreciated by Laurent Blanc, the former Lille midfielder is however joining an already loaded mildfield with players like Motta, Matuidi, Verratti and Rabiot.

By joining PSG, is Cabaye making the right choice?’

At 11.30am on Tuesday morning the poll had 63% saying Cabaye was making the right move and 37% saying no.

At the moment this link – CLICK HERE – is showing the up to the minute voting as it fluctuates.