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Exclusive French Yohan Cabaye Interview – True Translation

9 years ago

Yet again we have seen countless use of ‘quotes’ from the latest Yohan Cabaye interview in France but what is the truth?

What did Yohan Cabaye actually say and just as importantly, in what context did he say what he said?

Once more we are indebted to our chief translator Pierre who has watched the footage made available by beIN Sport and given us the following translation;

The interviewer was Alexandre Ruiz of BeIN Sport who talked to Yohan Cabaye Sunday 8 December 2013 on French TV;

AR You are the French player most liked by the English? That’s rare!

YC It’s touching and it’s great to feel you are loved in a club rather than being disliked. Since my arrival I have given everything to this team, for the fans, for the people at the club and this will not change until the day I leave the club.

AR Explain to us how the transfer took place. Why the choice of Newcastle, there was other clubs, why this choice?

YC It was the summer after the double at Lille, I had a lot of contact with Gerard Houillier at Aston Villa – this was the first contact. Then my agents spoke to me about Newcastle and waited until the last moment but then Gerard Houillier told me he was leaving, so I joined Newcastle. Today I don’t regret my choice one bit.

AR We are going to see together this goal that you scored yesterday on the pitch against Manchester United. A big awaited match and only one goal 1-0. You were the scorer, do you feel you can achieve higher things Yohan, how do you feel?

YC Very well, there is lots of confidence in this team. Compared to  previous seasons it was the first time in my career that I was involved in a relegation battle (last season); it was an experience and mentally it took a lot of energy. At the moment we are well placed, we are taking points, we play with more freedom. There is a very important period coming up and ending with Boxing Day, we have three matches, including two at home. It’s not easy to negotiate, it’s already not easy to win two matches in a row so to get three – we are going to try. In any case, I feel very good I want to do a big season for Newcastle, to finish as high as possible and there is a world cup next summer. Building up some confidence before next summer would be great.

AR There is a French contingent, you are about ten or twelve in this club, a lot of them are your pals for various reasons, social or otherwise – Hatem Ben Arfa, how is Hatem? Do you believe that he can still grab a place in the French team?

YC For me he has an amazing talent, after that he needs to ‘make his talent available for the team’. He is working hard to get back first of all in our first eleven, he is motivated but he does not talk about it much; I know that deep down when he has a goal he will think about it for sure. I hope that he will do what he did before the Euro 2012, he was amazing the second part of that season and helped us finish fifth. I hope that he will have this objective in his head which will help us finish as high as we can.

AR There is one who has followed you… Debuch… Debuchy. You are nearly Siamese brothers, he arrived from Lille after you. Tell us about this bond, did he ask you about coming to Newcastle, how did it happen? After all you are nearly brothers!

YC Yeah, yeah we know each other for such a long time, we climbed the ladder more or less at the same time and together at Lille. He started before me, I then joined him, then I left Lille and he rejoined me.

AR Did he get in touch about coming to Newcastle?

YC Yes he did, of course, he asked me for information. I think in his head it had been decided already the previous summer, it did not happen but he was determined to join Newcastle. Today, I also think he does not regret it either.

AR In the changing room do all the French create a clique and the English feel pushed aside, is it going OK?

YC Everything is fine.

AR Alan Pardew speaks French?

YC No no! He wants us to speak English but of course when there are lots of French people in one room you do speak some French and you do hear some French being spoken, but it is going fine because we also respect the English and other players, other nationalities and as long as on the pitch we give 100% and play for the team and do not play as individuals and play as a team and it goes very well, in fact we are very welcome!

As well as the video of the interview this is the extra text/quotes that appeared below the video but weren’t included in the clip beIN Sport have made available on the web;

Yohan Cabaye was the guest of Alexandre Ruiz on Club du Dimanche. French team, personal situation or again the PSG: the ex Lille midfielder has not avoided any subject  – “To my knowledge there has been no exchange with PSG” explained Cabaye before repeating the rhetorical question; “Who does not want to join Paris Saint-Germain today?” The Newcastle midfielder even thinks the Club of the Capital “today frightens Europe.”

What Pierre explains about this text/quotes which appears below the video (and which then has been put up everywhere as the ‘sexy’ bit of the interview) is that when Yohan Cabaye is asked the question, our French midfielder then repeats ‘Who does not want to join Paris Saint-Germain today?’

In other words he poses the question back to the interviewer, basically saying that with PSG doing so well, of course most players would/could fancy the idea of playing for the Parisian club. What Cabaye says DOES NOT equal him saying/intimating that he personally is interested in joining PSG. He is merely throwing it up in the air as a generalisation.

The trouble is that when other journalists just blindly repeat these quotes/interpretations, they are not necessarily repeating Yohan Cabaye’s true translation or intention, they are repeating what somebody else’s interpretation is, or should that be misinterpretation/mis-translation?


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