This morning has brought the depressing news that following Mike Ashley’s decision to ban the local newspapers because he didn’t like what they printed, the Newcastle owner has now banned the only elected Newcastle United fans body from contact and interaction with the club.

MA002_Mike Ashley_Newcastle_United_NUFCNewcastle United launched their Fans Forum in September and the Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) were offered a permanent place for an NUST board member to attend and represent the Trust’s membership.

That place has now been snatched away because NUST asked the questions that Mike Ashley didn’t like and then broadcast the questions and answers for all Newcastle fans to read, having agreed with the club beforehand that this would happen.

Yet another sad day for Newcastle United fans as the current set-up see no value in interacting with Newcastle fans in any kind of meaningful way, unfortunately making their Fans Forum initiative dead in the water,

This is the NUST statement;

‘As the only elected body representing fans, the board of Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) welcomed the invitation to take up a permanent position on the Fans Forum organised by Newcastle United.

The Trust looked forward to the chance to interact with club officials on behalf of our members, with the opportunity to ask pertinent questions and report back to the membership afterwards.

The inaugural meeting of the Forum took place in September and little were we to suspect that the NUST permanent position would last only one night.

The Trust made clear that we reserved the right to report back to our members as to what went on at the Fans Forum, the club confirming via their Fans Liaison Officer that they accepted this.

Questions were duly asked (many supplied by our members following an online survey) at the Forum by the NUST representative, Peter Fanning, and a lively meeting produced many interesting topics of discussion.

Two days later, NUST published Peter Fanning’s overview of the meeting and it attracted a lot of publicity, due mainly to the nature of the topics covered but also the fact the Newcastle United minutes didn’t appear until 24 hours after they’d been advertised to be released.

When the club minutes did belatedly appear, nothing of substance that had been reported by NUST was contradicted in Newcastle United’s official feedback.

However, the spirit of openness has dramatically ended and NUST have been informed by Newcastle United that their ‘permanent’ place at the Fans Forum has now been withdrawn, the only democratically elected organisation open to the whole of the NUFC fanbase, barred from attending the next meeting in December and all subsequent Fan Forums.

So, in the same week that the Trust organised a successful conference on fan engagement at Newcastle University Business School, covered by the BBC and attended by delegates from all over the country, the club have barred the local press and the only elected fans’ body from interacting with Newcastle United.

At the same time at a national level, the Government’s Culture Media and Sports Select Committee have recommended that football clubs develop meaningful and structured relationships with supporters.

They say the first casualty of war is the truth. The fans and local media don’t want to be at war with our football club, we just want a well run Newcastle United that values all of its supporters and the integral part NUFC plays at the heart of the local community.’

For more information on the Trust click HERE, while to join and help NUST achieve its objectives click HERE

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  • brownale69

    Ha Ha Ha
    It gets better each day………Why not throw out the supporters who sing anti Ash songs?
    Oh they already did that to the singing section! I Forgot!
    What next?

  • Geordie4Life

    And made the lads take down the JFK Clown Banner….
    Never known such a situation where the customers of a company are treated with such contempt but where the same customers clammer to return each week…
    He’s in dreamland!!!!


    Comical farce. The Peoples Democratic Republic of Kashley have decided that involving customers, sorry fans, is an annoyance that takes up too much management time.SD don’t do it so why should this business?

    • Heaton Mick

      The similarities between NUFC and SD are becoming depressingly converged.

      You walk through the doors of Sports Direct knowing that you’re only going to be offered shoddy second rate goods that none of the premium brands want and I’m starting to get a similar feeling every time I walk through the turnstile!

  • Alexh

    Come on then the pro Ashley group, what’s the perfectly logical reason for this? He’s cracking big time

  • Alex

    What with everything that has gone on in the last fews years (and you could, seriously, fill a book with it all) and then the two ‘banning’ issues this week, what more do fans need for the penny to drop?

    The time is NOW to up the ante and put extreme pressure on this lot.

    Anybody who says they are thick skinned is wrong. Quite the opposite! The simple release of accurate Fan Forum Meeting Minutes, then the childish reaction to NCJ media reports have ruffled their feathers beyond belief.

    C’mon lads. Let’s stick together to get our NUFC back and, instead of this hurtle into oblivion, bring back the good times.

  • east stand exile

    All very predictable. Would any of the dwindling band of Ashley lovers care to defend this??
    Next thing will be all questions to be submitted in advance for approval, just watch.

  • Alex

    I seem to recall that Bob Moncur was at the first Fans Forum meeting, acting as some kind of chair or facilitator.

    So, come on Bob, you know what us fans are about and the city, in general, probably better than anyone. And you know that all this is totally wrong.

    If Ashley has seen fit to do this, then I think you should also see fit to announce that you’ll have no more truck and involvement with this Fan-less Fans Forum in the future.

    • east stand exile

      Yeah I believe Moncur is on the payroll Alex, and he must need the cash from the strong pro-Ashley stance he always takes in his newspaper column etc.
      It’s pretty sad to see.
      Would be great to see him take a stand though..

      • Alex

        Hmm – didn’t know that.

        Bit like Robson Green, then. Takes the shilling from this monster.

  • TheFatController

    For some reason I am hearing Kim Jong Il singing ‘lonely’ in the film Team America: World Police…..


      Another comical little despot. We’ve got Mike Bassett (JFK) and I heard he’s trying to find the boss of Wirral Rubbish for sponsorship…..

  • Tacrolimus

    About time we started the boycotts etc. – unfortunately despite constant smacks in the face and exploitation by Ashley most fans aren’t keen.

    As has already been said the penny should have dropped the devotion continues – and that isn’t a criticism just an observation.

    So we go nowhere, achieve nothing and let him do what he wants without reaction.

    A few banners and chants here and there are pointless.

  • Geordie Pete Moore

    The Big Question on my lips is what reason was Loic Remy left out of the squad against Man City, I have seen no explanation for leaving him out and I seriously believe we would have won that match if he had played ? My theory which could be wrong is that Ashley has to pay QPR more money if Remy is used in Cup Games ? someone please tell me that this is not the case. If however this is the case once again a serious lack of ambition will not loosen my wallet to put a penny in his pocket. Cisse has got no grasp of the offside rule having been playing in the premiership for sometime now I feel its time to move him on, Gouffran isnt awsome up front but his overall game is good and he is one of the players I would tip to come good. We need to get serious up front Shola is a Toon Legend but is past his sell by date. If its this simple for me to pick up on after watching football for over 40 years why cant the powers that be see it or do they just not care ££££ ching but not my ching £££ get serious or I will simply outlive Ashley then start going and buying again.

  • Paul Newsome

    So who are the fans on the fans forum now?

    • Alex

      It’s an oxymoron now.

      • Paul Newsome

        Is it Brian the robot from those confused. com adverts?

  • brian standen

    Well what is next? I have tried and will continue to try to be objective with this subject. However if there is anyone left who is Pro -Ashley, then please have legitimate substance to your views.
    The guy thinks he is above us all, and financially he may well be, but he is out of touch with reality if he thinks we will go away, and banning NUST as well as the chronicle just makes it worse.
    Boycotting games in my eyes does not work, but we can demonstrate inside the stadium, again the world will be watching this Saturday, the anger against Ashley does not need promoting it will be plain to see.
    The Hull game of a few years ago and the atmosphere of that day is fast looming again.
    Mike Ashley believes he can do as he pleases, the “tomorrow morning after breakfast” employment contracts for SD staff confirms this.
    What is his next trick? Dismiss any SD employees who are Newcastle Fans?
    Carry on Mike, but long after your gone we will still be here!

  • Lynne DD

    there is a suggestion on another website ( that all fans attending tomorrow carry a copy of the Chronicle, Journal etc.. & wave towards the directors box — I think this is a fantastic idea – a cheap and easy done show of support to the local journo’s..

  • Gareth Ganning

    i love Newcastle but as much as i love them i give up my season ticket due to Mike Ashley. He needs to get out of our club for us to move forward he might be doing well on the money side of things but as a owner he really has lost the plot

    He only cares about the money wile the team gets every little investment and the fans and history is pulled apart little by little.

    I fully back the MAOC when Ashley leaves i will go back to the matches and i know a lot of you will might call me plastic fan for my choice. But to think my money is going into Mike Ashley’s pocket really makes me angry