Most of the time it is self-harm that cripples this club of ours. Decisions made from the men who make them that seem disastrous, baffling and ridiculous at the time. Which later go on to become absolutely incredibly laughable once looked back upon.

SJP3Was Kevin Keegan really allowed to leave this club and be replaced by Dalglish who was then allowed to totally dissemble the best team in the league for a bunch of OAPs?

Was Sir Bobby Robson really sacked after finishing 4th, 3rd and 5th to be replaced by a man like Souness who wasted more money than a footballer’s trophy wife to just finish 13th? Did Mike Ashley really hire Dennis Wise? Then chose him over Keegan? Hire Joe Kinnear? Got us relegated to the Football League Show for a year? Gave Alan Pardew an 8 year contract after one full season? Hire Joe Kinnear, again? Really?!!! That happened?

Utter shambles. The only people who suffer throughout everything that NUFC goes through is not the players. They either get sold on or retire. It’s not the managers. They resign or get sacked and find another club to take them on.

It’s not the owners, directors or management staff as they all move onto other places of work. Its the fans that suffer. Us lot. We are the club.

We paid for that stadium. We would have built it ourselves if there were no danger of it probably collapsing and killing us all. We got Keegan to come back as manager. We got Shearer to choose us over Man Utd.

Layout 1We got this club into the Champions League (twice) and to top spot in the Premiership (for a bit now and again). We deserve the men who take our money, and take our support, and take our unwilted devotion and use it to take on the world and say ‘we are’. Not to be laughed at by it with a ‘who do you think you are?’.

We are the Geordies. The Geordie Boot Boys. For we are mental. For we are mad. For we’re loyalist, football supporters. The world has ever had!

Is it too much to ask for this football club to be injected with the adrenalin it is endlessly crying out for, to kick start its heart, so it can rage its way across the country to the top of the footballing echelons again? Is it? Does it not generate enough money to be self-sufficient? Does it not have the recent history showing it can compete at the top? Does it not have the supporters who make this club one of the special dynasties this proud footballing country has to offer? Does it not have the proof it can represent this country in Europe with honour that only a handful of others, with a lot bigger wallets, can claim to do the same?

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  • Kevin Taylor

    Great article written from the heart.

  • Bob

    Football has changed. Get over it.

    • GToon

      We havent changed though and nor has our passion or devotion to the club so what is there to get over? A useless owner and manager and director of f all? I’ll get over them when they have left and are just a dim and distant memory.

  • TheFatController

    In your list of bad decisions with personnel, you omit that we got rid of Hughton who had done well (better than Pardew did last year, if we want a barometer to define how well he was doing) and it makes me wonder where we would be now had Hughton been left in place?

    Yes, he had the same ability as Pardew to preside over some heavy defeats, but unlike Pardew he was capable of seeing his team beat Sunderland 5-1 and Aston Villa 6-0 – now we struggle to get a goal in each game.

    Also, and perhaps tellingly, Hughton carried something now all but disappeared from the club – the good will and respect of the supporters and players. Some say his interviews weren’t insightful, but at least he just told it how he saw a game and most agreed.

    Perhaps therefore, with hindsight, (admittedly a wonderful thing), getting rid of Hughton wasn’t one of our smarter moves…

    • Jonathan

      Pardew or Hughton was a toss up on quality and irrelevant to how we will do. The anti Pardew stuff does my head in – the alternative does not bear thinking about and anyone who thinks it will be someone else must have had his head in the sand for the last 5 years.
      Do not forget that Hughton was dispatched for not controlling his players, he had in effect helped take us down and in my humble opinion it was the players who lifted the team back up.

      Hughton was cheap and a patsy but a boring one, Pardew was cheap and a patsy but a gobby one. Lets not be selective on individual games

      • east stand exile

        You have hit the nail on the head with the line about Pardew being a gobby patsy. In my opinion, a big part of the reason he replaced Hughton was because he was willing to lie / deceive / spin to fans with lines like ‘can’t compete with Southampton / Swansea / palace’ and ‘a signing would bust our overdraft’.

      • TheFatController

        If I didn’t take selective games, I can just take the last 15 results in the league, which includes the defeat of Southampton:-
        I make that eleven goals in 15, or 7 in 14 taking out Southampton, which means the last 14 games we score once every other game.
        Entertainment is provided by the opposition, however, where a healthy 32 goals have been scored in 25 games, or 30 in 14.
        Its the Pardew stuff that does my head in, not the Anti Pardew stuff…

  • Toonarden

    “Football has changed. Get over it”.
    What kind of answer is that? Are you a Toon fan? Indeed are you a footballer supporter? Are you saying that supporters mean nothing today and have no say in their clubs? Are you Ashley?

    • Bob

      Its call realism. Give it a try.
      Football has moved on, we have been left behind. The best we can hope for in our life times is a lucky success in the cup.
      Or a sugar daddy deciding he wants our club to be his toy / promotion tool for whatever third world dictatorship he is from.

      • GeordyGordy

        Are you really saying that we have to accept being left behind by Norwich, Swansea, Fulham etc? I try not to live in the past (despite being an old git) but I understand the frustration supporters have at the apparent lack of ambition from the powers that be at the club, and the failure to build on what was achieved just over a year ago.

        • east stand exile

          Exactly. Too many people think competing means outspending Chelsea and City. They have left us behind, for a good while probably. But we should compete with everyone outside the top 4-6. It’s the same as those people who automatically assume other fans wanting a signing means we want an owen or luque! And that we will be in administration in 6 months if we spend actual money on a player. Pardew is now saying much the same, what a disgrace his comments today are (again).

      • Conman

        No Bob. We shouldn’t just get over it. But we need to make a stand. I’ve been going for decades. No more. No more of my money will go to this cockney git. He has to go and once he does I will be straight back. It’s the only way. I’m not paying into his pocket anymore. I do support the team as much as the next man but no more.

  • Toonarden

    You must be a barrel of laughs.

  • Davey drape

    Great article