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Superstition Smashed?

8 years ago

It’s undeniable we’ve been poor at home for some time.  We dodged a bullet with a penalty Fulham should have had but for once we got our act together in the second half and took the game to the opposition and deservedly found a winning blockbuster of a goal.

I know that when I think about it rationally, how the team performs has absolutely nothing to do with my approach to the game but as I’ve alluded to before, we sometimes do blame ourselves.

I moved house earlier this year and since now being able to get the Metro to the match instead of the bus from Blaydon we had failed to win at home.  That was until yesterday!!  Happy days you’d think but the disruption on the Metro has added to my pre-match dilemmas, not resolved them.

You see, I was a little bit late leaving the house to meet a friend in the Hotspur, who I was passing on a ticket to as a result of another friend being on holiday.  Anyway, I stood for about 10 minutes at Howdon before the Metro arrived and it was chocka, probably because you couldn’t get further than Four Lane Ends in the other direction!!

Having managed to squeeze on in the doorway we proceeded to stand in the station for probably another 5 minutes before the doors closed and we finally moved off.  A bit more space created at Hadrian Road when a few people got off but as we approach Wallsend the dreaded announcement over the tannoy, “sorry everyone but this metro needs a spare part so everyone will have to get off at the next station, but there’s another train behind this one”.

Obviously that one would probably be full too and now would have to accommodate the full train I’d just got off.  Maths was never my strongest subject but I’m bright enough to work out that could be a problem.

By this time it’s now 2 o’clock.  So as I’m walking off the platform I hear this bloke in front ordering a taxi. “Any chance of jumping in with you mate” I ask, and he agrees there’s one space left with another 2 lads similarly having thought on their feet.  The banter among my new found travel companions was jovial.  The older gent asking us younger(?) lads if we were planning on doing a runner, myself checking that there were no childlocks on the rear doors while making sure I didn’t get stuck in the middle seat and the driver telling us he’d dropped some bloke off at a Gosforth tattoo parlour who he reckoned was Gomis. Obviously that’s the first thing a potential new signing would do in town.

Unfortunately, Blueline (other taxi companies are available) wouldn’t accept my Magpie Mover but the fare shared between four was equivalent to the pint I’d missed from being late.

My pal was waiting with a pint for me on arrival at 14:25 and all worked out well in the end.  So now that we’ve won when I’ve caught the metro from my new home I should feel relieved.  The dilemma though is if we don’t win the next game if the journey is completed entirely by rail, do I then have to get off at Wallsend every home game regardless and jump in a taxi with 3 complete strangers?

Thanks to the lads I shared my journey with yesterday and to the taxi driver for the speedy transit to central Newcastle – you know who you are!!

As I said at the start, I know deep down the performances on the pitch have nothing to do with my travel plans but desperate times sometimes make you think in the most irrational ways.

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