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Newcastle United – Unity Is Strength

8 years ago

Everyone who loves this club has an opinion on it, and if the chat on the t’internet is owt to go by, we’re arguing amongst ourselves from the start.

It seems one man’s greedy b*stard is another’s generous benefactor. Slating each other’s ideas and thoughts though, is not the way forward friends. Unity is strength.

Talk of boycotts and the like show that there is a thirst for change generally. Revolution is in the air comrades.

I’m firmly in the taxi for Ashley club, and to those who think we’re doing Ok, I would like to ask this: Does Mr. Ashley really have the best interests of OUR club at heart?

And before anyone says it’s his club, it is not, and never will be. He may own it for a while but we have it in our hearts not our pockets.

I want the best possible people running the club and with its best interest at heart. What I see though, is a man using this proud old football club as a promotional tool to be used until he’s wrung every last drop of usefulness to himself out of it.

I understand talk of boycotts and other action, and I’m not against anyone’s right to protest how they see fit, but I’d like everyone to stop for a minute and consider evolution not revolution first.

The fans’ forum is about to get underway and open up communication lines again. Now whether you think it’s all tosh or a worthwhile arrangement, it’s there so let’s use it.

Let’s get them to ask Mr. Ashley if he’s prepared to give us a stake in the club. He can only say no. Let’s ask for 26%. The way I understand it is any future potential buyers would control less than 75% of the club and wouldn’t be able to buy up the remaining shares, ensuring supporter representation forever effectively.

So let’s ask the question, and then think of how we could raise almost £68m (26% of Mr. Ashley’s alleged valuation of the club). I know the NUST have plans and the people in place to make this work. There is your figurehead.

I also have an idea how a huge amount of people could help do this, even in the current financial climate. Research suggests we have around 1.5m fans around the world. Well if only a third of those were able to invest money via the NUST at between £50-£100 a pop, that’s £25-£50m raised for a start. It’s not so scary now is it?

If you’re lucky and have more than that to put in then great, but I’m talking about the vast majority of fans who aren’t so fortunate.

If you don’t have that money down the back of the couch, would you be prepared to ask for money instead of birthday and Christmas presents this year? (Other religious festivals are available, but you get my drift).

That’s helping to secure a supporter stake in the club just by giving up your M&S undies and Old Spice…you know it makes sense.

This may be absolute hogwash to some, but what I’m trying to say is with the exchange of ideas, we may just hit upon something we can all get behind. After all we’re the ones in it for life.


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