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Newcastle United – If You Know Your History

10 years ago

Following the upset we fans have had to endure over the last few weeks/months, I thought I would try to lighten the mood slightly and remind ourselves what NUFC can do to a reasonably sane sort of well balanced 50+ man of the male orientation.

If You Know Your History

About 12 months ago or so, I was at a bit of a loose end and so as we do on these occasions I visited EBay, then started to randomly put in words, one of these words was a well known battlefield from WW1, Ypres. This showed me a postcard sent from the front to a loved one back home, now  I was intrigued (bear with me, I will get to the Toon eventually).

So somehow this got me on to cigarette cards and eventually to a site that card collectors frequent. Once there I met a very nice chap or two who also collected cards and many of these collected football cards. One in particular called MagpieMick who introduced me to the world of NUFC cards and set me along a path that has hammered my wallet. Now I am not talking Match Attax cards though they do feature, I am talking pre WW1 up to the modern day and the task of collecting as many cards as I can, to do with NUFC.

The Mag sells some every now and then on EBay, though these are the easy ones to collect. Some go for high amounts, some very high amounts. I have a J. Lawrence (get your history books out) by Churchman Cigarettes from 1914 that cost £35, an average 1970s card can easily cost £7.00.

(View the current Mag NUFC Memorabilia Auctions HERE)

I am still hunting down 1980s cards (rocking horse sh*t) and have just completed a set from 2005 – 2006 including all the extras, foils etc. and that took me the best part of 5 months to do. I have a silk card from WW1 that was produced when paper was in short supply and so the cigarette companies used silk. The troops may have been living in mud and killing each other in the 1000s but they still wanted a silk card with the Toon on it.

Now if that doesn’t put today’s troubles at the club into perspective nothing will, can you imagine going over the top thinking I still need that silk toon card before the mackem in the next trench finds one. The Germans never stood a chance did they, Tommy from Benwell would have taken out a machine gun nest or two and then been back with his tabs before Tea just to stop the mackems nicking his cards.

The history of our club is a fascinating one, we have faced many, many challenges over the years and this is just another one in our chequered past. It wouldn’t be NUFC if we didn’t face up to some shi*e on a daily basis, just like that poor Tommy in the trenches. At least we don’t have to face machine guns.

We could support Man Utd., Liverpool or heaven forbid Arsenal, and collect the praise from the press and the silverware from the dignitaries, or we can be NUFC and glory in what we are, a one city football club that despite everything, we as fans are UNITED.

My only regret is the cards from the M.A. years will not show how shi*e those years were but my memory until it fades, will never forget nor forgive.

Now let’s get on with our passions for this club no matter what they are, I will scour the earth hunting for that elusive card that will allow me to complete a season from our history and at the same time wait patiently for the day when I can collect a set from our future that says Newcastle United F.A. Cup winners two thousand and…,


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