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Daydreaming In Dubai

8 years ago

As a Newcastle United supporter living abroad I feel even prouder supporting my team.

When living in Dubai it is normal seeing people wearing a Barcelona shirt then the next day you see the same person wearing a Real Madrid shirt!

I’m sure the same person’s shirt collection includes Man United & Chelsea shirts as well (all depending on who is winning this week) plus the 1000s here who started supporting the new local team Man City, who believe me had 0 supporters here 5 years ago and the same goes with PSG in Qatar.

The best thing about it is what do they gain? Winning more points in false banter? My team is better than yours? I sleep better than you? Enjoy your relegation battle? Etc…

I am not sure if anyone is with me on this but I actually enjoy the rough ride, I love it when the team wins after a useless performance or scrape a draw at home against another useless team. It is all part of being a Newcastle United supporter. Would we be happy if we spent £90m a season on players and were in the Champions League every season? Of course we would but then what? Do it again and again?

For me that comeback against Arsenal from 4 nil down, where the feeling each and every single one of us had, could not be matched by anyone supporting any of the cashbag teams, even when they win the Champions League.

We are a big club, we are big with our fans, we are big with our hearts and the moment the team actually wins anything will not be matched anywhere in the world. Believe me. We just need that one trophy and things might change.

The potential is there to be on the podium regularly, sometimes it’s bad luck, sometimes it’s wrong decisions by a ref or the manager or the owner not buying 1 or 2 players, but I sense that it is getting close (there’s always next season as we always say).

I don’t know what Mike Ashley wants from the club? Some say he’s just marketing his Sports Direct Company? Some say he’s managing it like a self-sufficient business? And some say this is how a club should be run. I have no idea.

As for Kinnear! Oh my god. There is no doubt the man knows his football but why is he out doing interviews? In this day & age it’s called PR disaster. He comes out slagging the fans off (the fans who are the bread and butter of this club) and say judge me after the window is closed! Well, it has closed and nowt was spent! If the club has a financial plan or a problem then it should be explained. Ok, it is smart building a strong team on the cheap (or not spending anything) but that frustrates the fans & some might boycott matches and buying merchandise so it’s a lose lose for the club.

Pardew will and always have my full support even when I think some of the decisions he makes are daft and sometimes disastrous, but he’s the manager and he is the qualified one not me, so all I can do is just get it off my chest on twitter or write another useless article like this one and send it to the Mag.

My background is in finance and when I look at the club’s net spending every season I feel that there was space for a further £10-15 million to spend since the promotion every year, especially after the huge wage cut by the club and the very good deals done by the club, buying about 7 players with Carroll’s money and slashing the wages by over 25% which is amazing.

What is baffling is the new broadcasting deal and about £20m extra allowance to spend for each team.  But yet again the big man kept his hands in his pocket. So is he paying himself for running the club or is the club paying the debt back to him? No one knows.

Roy Kaviani, just another NUFC supporter in Dubai.

You can follow Roy on Twitter @roykaviani

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