The chaotic life of Newcastle United continues, with a Newcastle fan using Twitter to tell the world what Joe Kinnear said to him when he bumped into him at Newcastle Central station.

Great for any club employee to chat with fans but obviously it depends on what the content of the conversation is.

We Know The Feeling Joe!

We Know The Feeling Joe!

Sadly I can just imagine JFK blabbing on about transfer targets and suchlike, this is basically what Kinnear told United fan Matt Skeen.

He wants rid of Shola.

Gomis deal is slow due to the fact he wants 80k a week.

After a young Belgian, couldn’t remember the name but he was 21 year old 6ft 2 Belgian international.

After Ince, Sinclair and McArthur from Wigan.

In terms of believing Kinnear would do something so daft, I have a good friend whose son is at Newcastle’s Academy. This friend was up watching his son recently and JFK was there, as they passed each other my friend said hello, as you do. Joe stopped and asked how my mate was doing. Some small talk followed and then Joe turned to the subject of possible signings, asking my friend’s opinion.

Joe then went into some detail on who the club were looking at and listened intently to my mate’s opinion, as the conversation went on at some length, it becoming very apparent that Joe thought he was talking to somebody who he already knew well…they shook hands eventually and went their separate ways.

Exactly who Joe thought he had been speaking to is anybody’s guess!

  • Bob

    Ince or Sinclair would be a great signing, definite improvement on Jonas. If he is telling the truth (always questionable with JFK) about Gomis wanting £80K a week then we are better off without!

    • brin mcardle

      if we want to get top players,become a big club…we’ll have to pay top wages…or flounder in mediocrity

      • east stand exile

        Flounder in mediocrity it is then – if we are lucky.

      • Bob

        We don’t have the finances to compete with the top 6 consistently or break into the Champions League so there is no point breaking the bank to challenge for a Europa League spot.

  • Simon Walker

    Did he qualify first names, or does Sir Joe have his mind on Paul Ince and Trevor Sinclair? He’s clearly not the full shilling, so I’d need convincing he’s not stuck in the 90s….

  • Mrkgw

    Just hope that Kinnear and Ashley get the hell out of our club. I’m fed up with the waiting and we need action. The club will only continue it’s decline under this pair.

  • Nick Cuttooth Cooke

    It’s probably Trevor Sinclair he’s after.

    • Bob

      Maybe former Leicester own-goal machine Frank Sinclair……

  • chris

    Well done to you for talking to him. I try to avoid even eye contact with these sorts of people on or near the public transport network ever since I got stuck sat beside a Babbling, Disheveled and Deranged Urine soaked Nutter on the last bus home from Shields on a Friday night back in the early 80’s.

  • shaun mckenna

    the day I meet him I`ll punch his heed in

  • NOYB

    Maybe he just says anything and assumes everyone to be a reporter or a mole from another club – or maybe he’s gone tits up and keeps thinking he’s a football messiah?