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Robson Green – “The Mag Is My Bible”

8 years ago

Looking around for somebody different to interview for the 25 years Silver Anniversary issue of The Mag, we thought of just the man.

Finding fame and fortune on stage and screen, Robson Green has achieved big time but not forgotten his roots.

Still living in the north east, Robson also helped set up Coastal Productions which has given many a local resident their big break.

Along with this background info, Robson has also never deviated in supporting Newcastle United, many a time we’ve seen him heading into the Gallowgate End – most definitely a celebrity who also happens to support Newcastle United, not a celebrity fan.

The full interview is in our new issue (order details below) but just for the time being we picked out a few tasty bits to whet the appetite, make sure you get hold of the new Mag – a great issue and a great interview with Robson Green.

I can’t claim to have been a massive fan of your musical career, apologies. However, your single ‘Up On The Roof’ had me up on my feet, though not exactly dancing. If anybody checks out the video that went with the release they will see a copy of The Mag taking centre stage on the table ‘Up On The Roof’. I was flicking round the TV channels when I first happened to see the video and laughed my head off when I saw it, how did you end up using The Mag as a prop?

The video was filmed in New York and the theme was an escape from life, the director said we needed props and one of them should be a book that was important to me and he was suggesting George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and various others, I said to him I had just the thing to hand, The Mag is my bible!

I also noticed you managed to sneak footage of a Mag seller outside St.James’ Park in the excellent ‘How The North Was Built’ which was on TV recently?

I was asked to do the programme but there was one problem. Originally it was based around the 12 clubs who originally formed the Football League, which didn’t include…Newcastle.  So I said I would do it but only if they moved the goalposts and included our lot, really enjoyed making it as well.

Do you think we are the cursed generation, just too young to appreciate that European success and fated to never see Newcastle win anything?

The ‘lost generation’, it sounds terrible; ’these children were fated to be…the lost generation’!
Obviously getting promotion was a relief but winning ‘Division One’ is a bit meaningless in the great scheme of things.
Dad saw the 1950s success story and I envy that, winning something would just be incredibly emotional. I damaged a vocal cord when Murray won Wimbledon so I can’t imagine what it would be like if it was Newcastle winning something.
When Shearer scored the first goal in the semi-final against  Spurs (1999) it was the nearest I have ever come to blacking out, so overcome by emotion, incredible…

This special issue of The Mag is a must have and along with special Silver Anniversary features and interviews (Robson Green plus others) we bring you the very best coverage of what is happening NOW at our great club, the best team of NUFC writers giving it their all.



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