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Commitment, Desire & Motivation Are Essentials For Newcastle United Today

8 years ago

I will admit that this was never going to be too positive. I anticipated getting beaten by Manchester City and to be honest a 4–0 score line wasn’t exactly a shock either.

They have sold one high profile player in Carlos Tevez and replaced him with two other attacking options in Jesus Navas and Alvaro Negredo, amongst others.

We’ve sold a couple of squad players and replaced them with thin air. I did expect to be able to throw in a few lines at the end though about at least we tried, we just can’t compete with them financially or something similar. I can’t really even use that can I?

After a total surrender to Manchester City on Monday night, in my eyes only Tim Krul came out with any credit for his performance. Cisse too did his best but if you continually pump balls to his head or into channels he’s not going to work in the areas he excels in – in front of goal.  I’m not even going to mention those who didn’t perform because I don’t have the patience to explain why pretty much every other player was garbage, lazy and showed not only a lack of commitment but a lack of respect to the fans who travelled to Manchester on Monday night. The question that needs to be addressed is, how to do we progress from here?

The Players

The players must take some of the blame.

If we look at the goals individually, whilst they did contain moments of individual quality, there is a level of commitment that I expect from our players, or at least a basic awareness of what’s around them.

For example, Aguero’s goal. Wonderful finish, and using a cliché that the commentators loved, he put the ball in the only area he could to score. Bravo Sergio. Whilst his finish was great, what about the huge gaping chasm that Kompany strode into after dispossessing Cisse. Where was the central midfield? In the past I mentioned the holes that used to appear in midfield and the gaps between midfield and defence last season. This was another example of it, except with the worst footballing consequences.

Why did Debuchy give away such a daft free kick on the edge of the box for their third goal too? Why did Cisse and Anita turn their back on the ball in the wall and not jump? How did both Tiote and Sissoko let Silva advance as far as he did through midfield for the first goal, before the pair of them let him walk past them again before he headed the ball into the net? Lack of commitment, lack of desire, lack of motivation and lack of giving a sh*t towards the poor sods who travelled down to watch them play would be my guesses. Some of our problems however, aren’t just their fault.

The Men in Suits

Before I have another pop at Mike Ashley, a quick word about Alan Pardew. I read a quote before the game which I thought was apt. Some lad called Albert Einstein once said: ‘The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. Pardew may as well get that tattooed on his face.

We did the same things as last season, with the same players, and predictably nothing changed. What the players and staff have been working on in training must just have been keeping Cheick Tiote from getting booked, or forearm smash practise for Steven Taylor. He clearly can’t motivate the players and has limited tactical awareness to persist with a style of play that failed so miserably last year. The players didn’t press and the shape of the side without the ball was not good at all. He is clearly out of his depth, he doesn’t have the backing of the players and he is so stuck in his ways that he can’t change the system we use despite having a few months to work on something different.

The problem isn’t helped by those above him having a total disrespect for the players, fans and the club. Mike Ashley cares about his bank balance and nothing else. He doesn’t care about the fans or the club which I saw described as a “shell of the club it was” yesterday. Those words couldn’t sum up this situation any better. I’m not going to waste my breath taking about JFK, but it’s no surprise we’re in the mess we’re in with him even at the football club. He was incompetent as a manager and I can’t imagine he’ll do much better as the director of football if the start he’s made to the job is anything to go by. The only thing keeping Pardew in a job in my opinion is the fact that Ashley doesn’t want to waste money on sacking him. When he does, be warned, JFK will be the manager of NUFC once again. Until Ashley and his cronies are out of our club we are in for a very barren few years.

So where does this leave us. The best word I keep coming back to describe the situation is ‘fu**ed’. We have players who don’t seem to be motivated, a manager who doesn’t know how to set up his team, a director of football who’s a deluded moron and an owner who only cares about how many pound signs he sees.

I hate the idea of myself writing this after one game, but this is really just a continuation of last season. We’re in for a long season if Monday is anything to go by. Not because of the result – there isn’t a huge amount of shame in losing to Manchester City these days. There is however shame in our performance on Monday night, the way I see it there really isn’t a great deal else to be positive about. I could go on but I won’t waste your time as I’m sure we could all moan about the situation for hours.

The best we can do is keep supporting the team on the pitch, boycott Sports Direct, buying food or drink in the ground and stop buying those cheap and nasty football shirts. Where do we go from here? Who knows. It’s a sad state of affairs is this….

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