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Would An Empty St.James’ Park Show Ultimate Love For Newcastle United?

8 years ago

After over forty years of watching Newcastle and never seeing them win one of the top competitions, I feel  that now for the sake of the future generations we need to take a stance.

Yes, we’ve won the old first division and it was great. We even won the Intertoto – but when it comes to the big ones, we flirted but then fell away.  The ride was great but we just didn’t have the stamina or team to see it out.

Would Empty Ground Show Ultimate Love For NUFC?

I myself have been fortunate enough to see the team many times on away trips in this country and also play all over Europe. I’ve been to Barcelona twice, Metz, Marseille and Milan.  Not many other clubs can take you on trips like these but we always ended up empty handed but with great memories. It was good at the time though and we always thought the luck that we needed was just around the corner.

That thought now has gone.  After a brief revival two seasons ago, we fell away badly last term and now we need to start again. The posts regarding unrest on this website have gone into overdrive and it really has started to look like the tide is turning and we want change.  We need change. We deserve change.

MA holds all the aces in this though.  He owns our club.  We just live here and support the team.  He neglected to do the due diligence and copped one straight on the nose.  For that, he has inflated the value of his club and we now continually pay the price.

Even in the last few weeks, he has shown no loyalty to even his closest allies.  Bringing in JFK behind the back of DL and AP was unbelievable. A new low. The man seems to show no loyalty. If you are in the way, you will be mown down.  It just completely undermined the Club Management. But MA gets what MA wants.  It’s his toy now and we have no say.

I now get to the point of the article.  We need to stand up and say, “No More”.

Starting with Braga at home in the friendly. Don’t go. I know we support the team and we love it like family but it needs to get worse before it gets better.  We need to ‘lance the boil’, and it will hurt, but the only way to is to do the following;

  1. Don’t go to the matches. It’s hard and I don’t want to say this but it has to be done. Stay away.
  2. If you go, don’t buy the over-inflated goods on offer in the bars and cafes. He’s even ripping you off in there.
  3. Don’t buy the new kits. Wear last season’s. The Wonga logo is bloody awful anyway and we know what it stands for. Just don’t buy it.
  4. Don’t buy from SD shops in the area or the Club Shop.

These things may not work BUT we need to tell him / show him what we think.  We’ve had enough.  It may not be enough but we want him out of Toon.

Hit him where it hurts.  His pocket.  He isn’t one of us.  He doesn’t support the team.  He just owns it.  Simple as.

We need him to sell up or put up.

So do we though.  It’s our time to hit back.  It will hurt us as we love to go to the match but we need to be cruel to be kind. Long-term it may work but we at least have to try. He may just laugh at us but we cannot just sit and watch as all the other teams get new owners and set off into the distance.  We may get a new owner who is just as bad.  Some clubs do.  I’ll take that chance.

I go to the match with my son who is now 15. I look at him and think to what I was like when I used to turn up all those years ago, thinking it was just a matter of time before we picked up a trophy. I don’t want to see him go through what I have gone through over the last three decades.  None of us deserve this. We just support the greatest team with the worst owners.

We need to start with the Braga game.  Do not go.  It’s not that you don’t support or love the team but you need to make that stand now or just accept what is happening.  This cannot go on. We need change.

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