There is a quote that could have been written for us all, it often gets misquoted but this is how it goes;

‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time’.

What a nugget!

What a nugget!

Abraham Lincoln might have had more on his mind than the trials and tribulations of following Newcastle United but the quote is timeless as far as we are concerned.

We’ve long known that the press can easily pick a player at random, then pick a few clubs out of another jar, the result an invented story that unfortunately today then gets repeated round and round the block/internet.

So today I keep seeing a story pop up regarding a ‘Toon backlash’ because Joe Kinnear is planning on bringing in Phil Bardsley from the mackems.

Now we all know that JFK has the odd weakness but nobody surely believes this story in any way, do you?

Another full-back isn’t a priority and definitely not a lone who is a total nugget on and off the pitch.

It was Bardsley who provoked Paolo Di Canio into his mammoth rant towards the end of last season, when he was photographed covered in £50 notes in a casino in the midweek before the last match of the season at Spurs. Di Canio dropping him from the squad in disgust and making clear he wants him gone.

  • TOM L

    This could be true-its maybe JFKs way of getting someone even more stupid than himself into the club.

    • robert shola clement

      jfk is too stupid to come up with that,let alone any,plan

  • Stephen Paylor

    Can you imagine, losing James Perch and signing Bardsley. Perfect NUFC logic

  • Alan Bell

    Do you think JFK is looking at player’s disiplinary records instead of their playing records ?

  • Alreet

    Load of tosh. We arent going for a scum has been. End of.

    We need to get in gear now though. Get the cheque book out ash no more snake eyes. Show your hand and get the boys in we need. Gomis for €9m. Remy for £6m. Bent for 5m and sakho for 7m. 25 mil the lot and top 6 finish. Get the money where the mouth is and joe get your tongue in order!!

    • east stand exile

      About as much chance of us signing Bale, Fabregas and Messi as there is MA shelling out for that little lot I’m afraid. Maybe Bent on deadline day if Villa drop the fee by 2-3m and Fulham / Hull haven’t come in for him by then..

  • Paul

    Last time JFK was manager his big target was Kieron Richardson from Sunderland, does his extensive book of contacts only have the number for the stadium of light in it?