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Ridiculous Interest Rates Against Your Principles – Then How Can Anybody Play In The ‘Barclays’ Premier League?

8 years ago

So, Cisse says ‘I object’ and may be given permission to wear a charity shirt.

Tiote now feels bad and goes the same way. Followed by Haidara, Ben Arfa and goodness knows how many more, because now it’s not religious. It’s principle – and that’s much more serious.

So there’s no reason why Taylor, Colo, Jonas, Krul and the rest should not join in, because lets face it, they would be pretty embarrassed by now, appearing to condone high interest loans.

Who is going to sponsor a club’s shirts if the players can just boycott them as they wish, just because they ‘disagree’ with their business practices?

For example a player decides that they will not play for a team sponsored by Samsung, because they ‘stole’ a “gesture” from Apple, or Etihad because of UAE human rights issues. Or the plethora of gambling sponsors.

Where does it all end?

Long and slippery slope guys. Take a look at the number of sponsors that we could take offence to. Open season.

If Cisse refuses to wear the Wonga he is quite simply in breach of contract. He either walks or is sacked. And Ashley – regardless of what you may think of him, cannot allow any player to dictate these terms. It’s not about religion now.

Shirt sponsorship is a huge money earner (just look at Etihad) and anyone who rocks that particular boat should be turfed overboard. Non- negotiable.

Yes – it’s a shame that Mary Poppins didn’t offer to sponsor us, but one minute we are complaining about no money being spent, the next we’re complaining about where it’s coming from.

For goodness sake, at which point do we actually take responsibility for our actions and stop blaming the likes of Wonga?

We are adults. We know the terms. We make the decisions.

Whether it’s high interest loans, casinos, cigarettes or booze, we have to accept the responsibility.

Just out of interest – I’ve been plugging away at this one for weeks – Northern Rock and then Virgin Money both charge interest on their products, but nobody objected to that.

OK – so here’s the big one.

Where do you draw the line?

Surely refusing to wear the shirt but continuing to accept the money is major league hypocrisy? (or perhaps that should be Premiere League Hypocrisy?)

Are we saying that I’m happy to take the money, as long as I don’t have to wear the shirt, so please just keep giving me the fifty grand a week, because I quite like that part of the deal?

If this really is a matter of principle based purely on the concept of interest (which we have already challenged) then I would assume that when he leaves Cisse will not go to another team in the BARCLAYS Premier League, because as far as I can tell, those buggers are still charging me interest on my mortgage.

And who would want to be part of that?


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