GEN00135_Nile_Ranger_Newcastle_United_NUFCIt is very hard to believe that not so long ago a certain Nile Ranger was still getting our hard earned money, especially when the chore of turning up for training was way far too much to ask of him.

His behaviour then and since is surely a case of somebody who only a mother could love.

Thankfully, it was a case of yet another arrest too many and Ranger was booted out of St.James’ Park.

To Nile’s amazement, but not to any rational person, there hasn’t been a queue of clubs wanting to take advantage of such a bargain signing.

While an upcoming rape trial (next court appearance is in Newcastle next month) won’t have exactly helped.

Ranger has now helpfully had his name printed tattooed on the side of his face which no doubt will help the police identification procedure the next time he is arrested.

Wor Nile has also got a ¬†charming way about him, have a look at this tweet he sent earlier this week, obviously his forthcoming trial, and the nature of the charge, ¬†isn’t weighing too heavily on him…

  • Mike

    Did Joe Kinnear design this tattoo?

    • Alexh

      Of course not…it’s spelt correctly

      • Mike

        No it isn’t!

        • Archie Brand

          Err Mike – yes it is

          • Mike

            It clearly says ‘Ranges’.

          • Alexh

            Are you 90? Haha

  • Mal

    Is anyone really interested in what this guy is doing? Can’t we just forget about him rather than publish articles about him. Perhaps the editor could put something in the system so that any posts with his name are automatically rejected in future.

  • Mike

    I’l have the slag please Nile but only for one night.

  • GToon

    Has he got Nile on the other side?