I take you back to a few weeks ago when the regime at Newcastle United let James Perch leave.

I pondered why a hardworking, versatile and dependable player would be allowed to depart the already threadbare squad. When going through the media coverage of the move I came across a quote from Perch that made me sit up and take notice:

Wigan Bound?

‘I understand Newcastle’s new transfer policy……time will tell if it’s the right route’

Now, many of you might say ‘what transfer policy?’ as the lack of any senior players through the door (or should I say ‘over the line’) is becoming alarming. It appears that Perch has been informed of this new policy, something I wish the powers that be would share with the rest of us.

At the present time all we can do is look at the evidence and from what I can make out, the new policy is below (though I really hope I am wrong):

– Release squad/fringe players who are wanted by other clubs and allow young talents to go out on loan. Bring in fitness/performance coach to reduce/limit injuries to first team.

With the addition of Faye Downey as a fitness consultant it appears that Newcastle United are finally trying to address the issue of the continual injuries that have blighted so many promising seasons at St James’ Park. This can only be positive and any help in that area must be welcomed.

However, the results of this and the effect on our players’ injury exposure is anyone’s guess.

Will she be able to get Cabaye through a full season? Limit Taylor’s proneness to impact injuries? Get Ben Arfa playing week in week out at full fitness?

With so many unknowns and so much at stake, I hope my take on the new policy is wrong. While nobody will deny Mr Ashley knows how to run a business, I’m afraid this new approach from NUFC is risky business.

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  • NUFC9

    Newcastle’s transfer policy: Don’t buy anyone unless you are sure you would be able to sell them at a profit in the future.


      Totally agree, the opposite of 10 years ago, MA is determined that agents/journeymen/gold diggers will not profit out of NUFC / him. No more Geremi, Viduka, Owen, etc the list is long of trophy signings that didn’t work work out for the club.
      We will just have to get used to it, as long as the football is good and we stay top 10 I will be happy, because we can’t compete long term with the billionaires and Arab countries.

      • Temuri Ketsbaia

        Agreed. And let’s face it addressing the injury issue is well overdue

      • east stand exile

        Ashley is a billionaire! Take the point though, we can’t compete with Man U, City, Chelsea. But we should be able to compete with Fulham, Swansea, W Ham, Norwich etc..Nobody wants the trophy signings back, but some decent, prudent investment isn’t a lot to ask.

      • More tea vicar?

        How long are you going to keep the Owen thing going on? He was a bad buy-along with a good few others. Get over it!

        • ZICO MARTIN

          Owen thing??
          I named him in an example list of players bought during a totally different transfer policy to the current one,in context with the article. I could have named any number of others instead.

          • More tea vicar?

            Yea and we didn’t have a decent scout-end of. Plus we kept
            changing our managers’. What did we learn? We can’t just keep throwing money at the problem. Not- no money!

  • Billy

    I would have been quite happy for the Perch’s in the squad to be moved on – as they are not good enough players for a club with ambition to do well in this league.
    The problem has been that they have not been replaced with better players this summer.
    I’m concerned that Ashley is gambling with our existence in the Premiership again.