Saturday brought some much needed encouragement for Newcastle fans awaiting their first incoming transfer activity of the summer.

Sky Sports gave us a quick one-two as in quick succession they reported that Newcastle had upped their offer to £6.9m for Bafetimbi Gomis of Lyon, followed instantly with the news that a season-long loan offer had gone in for Queens Park Rangers’ Loic Remy.

Loic_Remy_01If we take it that these two things are true then naturally you’d assume that the information has been provided by somebody at the club.

Everybody must be relieved to at last see some movement and clearly these two players would improve the ability of the squad, though both players have/have had issues off the pitch.

It must though be of some concern that Newcastle are looking to publicise what they are up to, in the past the successful transfers have either been delivered as fait accompli (done deals) or at the very least in a manner of cards close to the chest, not giving anything away.

Hopefully this isn’t like ‘hair of the dog’, where after a hard night on the drink you can get some relief next day with a few more drinks to give an instant feel better effect, only to store up more pain/disappointment for later.

  • Temuri Ketsbaia

    When I saw both reports yesterday it struck me that the timing is everything and its just a crumb feeding process to stop us natives from getting too restless

    • east stand exile

      Aye the club does seem to be using the media more this summer to try to reassure everyone there’s frantic activity behind the scenes. Can’t help but be cynical about that, but I think a (bargain / cheap) striker signing will be made. Can’t see more than one signing though, and agree that at least one ‘purple’ will go

  • Neil Richardson

    I do not know why, but since Kinnear joined the club, I have a very bad feeling about this upcoming season.

    • needsilverware

      You must be brainless if you dont know the reason why

  • Mrkgw

    Other clubs seemingly go public but still manage to successfully complete deals. Newcastle fans have been thoroughly fed up with the lack of transfer activity of late and news of a couple of deals gives at least some hope. Problem for us is that the powers that be haven’t a clue when it comes to completing those deals and try to operate on a shoestring. Will the millions received in TV revenue be reinvested this coming season? Not a chance. The club is being drained and brought to its knees. Ashley should never have been allowed to get his hands on it.

    • Rossy79

      Agreed. Any “bids” for Gomis and Remy (and I wouldn’t touch the latter with a barge pole), if they exist, are just smoke and mirrors, designed to placate the restless natives while Ashley gets on with the serious business of reimbursing himself for his loans. Still expect to see a “purple” depart in late August too.

      • Mrkgw

        Probably right and Cabaye will be on his way. Decent player but if his heart isn’t on Tyneside then time to cash in. If the money is reinvested then all well and good but don’t hold your breath.

        • Rossy79

          Yep. I’d sell Cabaye if anything approaching 20m was on offer but we know that won’t be reinvested in the playing squad.

    • Steve Passmoor

      John Hall said the club was in safe hands after having a conversation with Ashley, a load of bull if you ask me, John Hall saw the Pound signs in front of his eyes and the greedy get took the money, it had nothing to do with passing the club on to the best candidate

      • Mrkgw

        Have to say, I agree. That said, times under Halls stewardship was a roller coaster and an enjoyable one at that. Stark contrast to things as they are at the moment.