Yesterday we were the first to bring you the news that Newcastle strike target Bafetimbi Gomis had failed to attend a meeting with Lyon’s owner to discuss a potential transfer.

Thanks to our people who keep an eye on what is happening in France, including the media over the channel, our main translator Pierre brought us the following from French website butfootballclub;

GEN00130_BT_Bafetimbi_Gomis_Newcastle_United_NUFCOL: Gomis has “blanked” Aulas

Relations between Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas and striker Bafetimbi Gomis are not improving: the two men were meant to meet yesterday (Thursday) to discuss a transfer, the 27-year-old simply decided to not turn up.

“We gave him a letter by hand but he did not come,” said the owner in L’Equipe.

The departure of the French international, desired by his boss, has not moved forward in recent days: the clan Gomis blame the OL (Lyon) for asking too much for a transfer (€10 million + €2 bonus) while OL accuses the player of claiming too a big signing  onbonus and higher salary than what he earns at OL.

We really don’t see how this situation is going to unravel …

Following those revelations yesterday, the situation according to the various media is being presented as this;

Newcastle are claimed to have offered around £5m but Lyon want around £10m.

Gomis is said to be on £65,000 a week but would expect more if he moves.

I think it all becomes a bit clearer as to why Gomis isn’t being paraded yet in a black & white shirt.


  • Alexh

    If those wages are true we might as well forget him and move on, no way he’ll get that from Ashley

    • Mal

      I doubt very much that he’s on £65k a week at Lyon. I don’t think French 1st Division generally pay that sort of money, with 1 or 2 exceptions such as PSG or Monaco.

  • Kronik

    £10,000,000 for that lazy pudding and £65,000 wage and you cant even turn up to a chat, a chat, a convo-fing-sation are we mad. If a lazy fat bloke cant turn up to have a chat then how can we trust him to turn up and tear defences apart, to be a winner yu have to think and act like a winner as everyone knows “its not the skill that sets a footballer apart, its about how far he is willing to go”, look at the example of other clubs, would Man U, BvB, Real Madrid buy this lad, i think not and if they were going to, not turning up to that meeting would have shut the door then and there, If you dont like spending money mike, why are you so desperate to lose it. Average player bad attitude, just like remy the rapist

    • Alexh

      Agree with what your saying but looks like Madrid or arsenal will go for Suarez, don’t think there that bothered about attitudes

      • Kronik

        they can afford too, they will just plunder another £40 million of someone elses money on another player if it doesnt work out, plus is Gomis half the player that little rat Saurez is.

        • Alexh

          I hope your not watchingsky sports news, we’ve upped our bid for him and made a loan offer for remy