Having just returned from two weeks holiday and back to my desk on a Monday morning, reading all about Joe Kinnear attempting to assemble what looks like some sort of ‘management / coaching team’ and the doom and gloom that surrounds the club, I thought to myself –  lets look deep and hard into Newcastle and see if there is any light & sunshine.

vurnonanita1First of all, after all the JFK quotes and buffoonery since his appointment, Coloccini opting to stay for at least another year has gone under the radar. There’s no debate on when he came back from injury the defence improved no end, so that’s a good thing.

Secondly, Benny’s fit and ready to go, as you can see by the name I use I’m a big fan of the flair players we have had down the years and without injury this guy is one of the best we have had on his day (Blackburn, Bolton, villa and his first against Everton). It’s not just his goals, the second he gets the ball the St James’ crowd stands up not knowing what’s about to happen and you must admit he can’t half turn a game on its head when he wants to. He also seems to love all of us too (every little helps).

Pardew in the two pre-season games seems to have changed his mind about Anita (started both friendlies); the lad’s class in the making in my eyes. Our midfield had a bad season last year, of that we all have no doubt, but most of them are world class – it’s just about getting it out of them on the day.

I’m not going into a Pardew debate as it’s pointless, if he was going to go he would have gone by now and with JFK or Poyet the only real obvious replacements, Pardew has got my backing and support. Tiote first season was immense, same as Cabaye, Ben Arfa I’ve already declared my love for and Sissoko aint no lump.

Forget JFK, forget Wonga, forget Ashley and Pardew and anyone else that makes you nervous (Obertan!).

This is our club and will be here for many, many years after they turn into dust and push up daisies

Our club, Our Passion, OUR TOON!!!

  • shaun

    think he is too weak physically

    • Kronik

      You can make Anita as fast and as strong as Tiote but you could never make Tiote as good a footballer as Anita, Strengh can be trained ability is natural

  • Fat Spuggy

    Well said ! Why cant they see that at SJP ? But they never could. It’s the same at any club you mention. Money ! ?

    But if it’s not Mick Harford, some say it’s Denise Unwise. Any truth ?

    Am going for a lie down. Don’t feel well. Feel sick. It wont go away.

  • Simon Walker

    I back the players (as you point out some are very good and could potentially give us some cheer once the real football starts) and hope for good results because I hope that in having success on the field we become worth more to potential investors.

    Fulham and Al Fayed have shown you can find a buyer if you really want to, I just think Ashley wants to make a profit when (if?) he sells. I dream that one day he wakes up and has had enough and writes off a lot of the inflated value, but till then the best bet is to attract investors and that will happen if we make the headlines for footballing reasons.

  • NUFCDavid

    I’d like to know who’s going to score the goals from the chances this wonderful midfield creates.

  • Mal

    I agree with you about Anita. I think he could be a big player for us – if the manager and coaching staff can get us playing a quick passing, pressing game. If its like last season he’ll struggle.

    • NUFCDavid

      Lionel Messi would have struggled with the way Pardew had us playing last season.

  • Kronik

    You have made my day a positive article about the toon and
    you like Anita too plus you agree our midfield is quality , couldn’t ask for more, but the thing is I can’t agree withyou on HBA, yes he has no end to his talent and does seem to lift the crowd butwith all his ability I can only describe him as beautifully ineffective, hewill walk through five players and end up trapped in the corner giving up a the ball for a goal kick, he is way too greedy, takes too long to cross the ball
    (we slate obertan for that) and leaves his fullback stranded all too much. He
    is probably the most gifted player in our squad but a team like Newcastle can’t
    afford to him waste so many opportunities, how often does he repeat his
    performances like the ones you have mentioned, I will take his injuries into consideration but Marveaux was just as productive last year and he is a better team player plus he works harder.