While progress in the transfer market hasn’t exactly been quick this summer, at least it appears that Newcastle are definitely getting there with regard to at least one essential striker signed up.

The Gomis transfer is taking some time to complete but the latest news from France today confirms that progress is being made, thanks to our people covering the French media we have the latest updates first.

GEN00130_BT_Bafetimbi_Gomis_Newcastle_United_NUFCTwo separate pieces on the L’Equipe website bring confirmation from Lyon’s owner and coach that Newcastle have indeed made an offer of €8 million (£6.9m) as reported yesterday by Sky Sports but that it has been turned down.

However, the Lyon owner confirms negotiations continue with Newcastle, while Lyon’s coach is talking about what he is going to do with the money from player sales with Gomis to Newcastle specifically mentioned.

Aulas fait le point
An Update From Aulas

Jean-Michel Aulas is busy with the transfer market these days.

Under contract until June 2014, Bafé Gomis  is on the verge of leaving Lyon. “The negotiations are taking shape with Newcastle,” said Jean-Michel Aulas while British media suggest a new offer of €8 million has been made.

OL: «Gomis et Briand vont partir»
OL “Gomis and Briand Will Leave”

Remi Garde could recruit a striker when departures from Gomis and Briand are settled.

In a long interview in the L’Equipe Sunday newspaper, Remi Garde discusses the  cases of Bafé Gomis and Jimmy Briand. “Their departure will take place ,” says the coach of Lyon.

OL have just turned down an offer of €8 million from Newcastle for the former Asse (St.Etienne) player but negotiations continue. In any case, it does not disturb the squad “that much” explains Garde, who will  recruit a striker when Gomis and Briand cases are resolved.

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  • Put 12m in for gomis then we will get him to the toon and sign him

    • Stephen Paylor

      you went from 11 million to 12 in less than a minute. Im happy we arent throwing away money in this crazy transfer market

  • Gomis could also be signed for 11m aswell so hurry up about it newcastle

  • NUFCDavid

    We bid an amount that the Lyon president already said he’d turn down before we submitted it.

    It gets turned down,

    For Gomis, read Debuchy summer 2012.

  • Jamie

    We should not be held to ransom by these morons. They are in absolutely no position to be demanding 12m euros for a player who not only do the club not want but has also gone AWOL and failing all of that has just one year left on his contract. If Lyon won’t budge we should just walk away and let them come crawling back on August 30th when they realise no one is stupid enough to pay what they’re asking.

    • NUFC9

      I’d say the money they’re asking might be about right if they had him tied down on a long term contract but not when he can leave for absolutely nothing in 10 months.
      Lyon aren’t daft, they know we are just as desperate to buy a striker as they are to sell. Particularly as we are running out of alternatives.
      Being pragmatic, £10m for a decent striker isn’t too bad but I think Ashley’s a hard nosed businessman gambling that they will blink first rather than a pragmatist.

      • Jamie

        I think we’re in the better position. We can just move on to other targets but Lyon have to sell Lyon or they’re going under. I imagine they’ll blink first. To be honest I’m not that bothered between Remy and Gomis and according to reports Remy is cheaper so if they won’t budge then we should just move on to him. However somehow I think they’ll be willing to compromise a bit. I don’t think we’ll go far over 9m euros though.

        • NUFC9

          Another trump card we have is that Gomis, who is on the fringes of the France team (10 caps in 5 years), says he’ll only go to a club of his choice. The France manager will probably more or less have a season ticket at SJP in the run up to the world cup. If the player really wants to come to Newcastle and won’t let Lyon force him into a move to the highest bidder, our offer is the only one they can accept – otherwise he runs down his contract and leaves on a Bosman.

          The £6.9m bid looks like it’s the same amount as Remy’s release clause (coincidence?). Tell Lyon to take it or leave it, then we move on to Remy – preferably on loan until the rape issue is sorted. We could then even go back in for Gomis on a pre-contract in January for free.

          I have no idea why JFK has been given a job dealing with our transfers but if there’s one manager in the league he should be able to talk the same language as it’s an old school loud mouthed cockney bulls*** merchant like ‘Arry Redknapp.

  • gareth

    Just offer £8.4M Then he should be ours Then BUY Remy for his clause (£6.9) Then we good

    • Alreet

      I like the idea but I agree with most on here it would be an idea to go just a little higher for him. It should be in euros so at the mo its €8m. Raise to 8.5 or 9 and thats it.

  • Stephen Paylor

    I dont get the Gomis signing too much. He suits our style of play with one up front but then what happens to Cisse? The formation we have used for several seasons now which im sure Pardew will use this season too only allows for one out and out front man. I think Remy is the better option as he could play in one of the wider forward positions in support of Cisse.
    We could negotiate with Gomis directly from january and pay zero transfer fee. I wouldnt raise the bid. We are only going to have the same situation we had with Ba and Cisse where only one of them plays in their correct position.

  • needsilverware

    Excuse no 1 we would not be held to ransom
    Excuse no 2 we didnt have time to get players over line
    Bla Bla etc
    Truth we have a skinflint for an owner

  • Alreet

    We’ll have him by tuesday. With remy and a cb by friday. This is the buying week like in jan. I can feel it. Cmon joe ash and lee dont dissapoint we need player hit please!!