Mad dogs and Newcastle fans go out in the midday sun…at least that is what it feels like at the moment.

I had hoped against hope that the return of Alan Pardew would belatedly bring a bit of sanity to our football club on his belated return.

AlanPardew43Some hope! Unfortunately, we are just getting more and more of the same, with Alan Pardew once again a dream for reporters looking for a quote but no explanation demanded when the manager makes sweeping comments.

Have a look at what Pardew has said below to the Shields Gazette;

“We are one of those clubs who find it difficult to move early, if you are Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United; you are sure you can do your business now.

You like things done sooner rather than later but if I have to wait a bit longer than I have no problem with that.

I could put a team out at Manchester City on the opening day that could win with what we have got, but we need to strengthen, and I need to strengthen this squad to make it ready for a 38 match season.”

So why exactly do Newcastle have to wait for everybody else to have their turn in the transfer market before United feed on the scraps?

Maybe it is an alphabetical thing and so Arsenal get first pick, then Chelsea and through to Liverpool, the Manchester teams and so on. Hold on though, that can’t be the case either as West Ham buy Carroll for £17m or so, Swansea are currently tying up Bony for around £14m or so and even Palace (bit of artistic license there) have spent over £8m on a striker.

Yes we all know that the club are trying to spend (as little as possible) money carefully but the signings we do end up making are almost exclusively ones that have been set-up long-term. The ones that very rarely happen are those such as Remy where the club try to react quickly to a situation – Demba Ba leaving. So what I take from that is if decent signings are going to happen then it will be ones that have been prepared way in advance, as was the case with Sissoko, Gouffran etc.

So…logic says that if signings are going to happen, the deals will already be in the pipeline, and the question would be then if that is the case why not sign them NOW instead of waiting until we’ve lost our first few matches?

Of course we do have the option of repeating last year’s farce and wait until January, that plan worked out really well didn’t it?!!!

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  • Tom Ramshaw

    You can save on the wage bill by signing later in the transfer window !

  • lee

    we probably have to wait because A) we are not as attarctive as a lot of other clubs.
    B) we wont pay silly money for players C) we wont pay silly wages to players D) we wont pay silly agent fees therefore we have to wait until the player we want knows there is no where else to go.

  • scotty63

    Perhaps the long term targets have been rejected by our DoF as was the case with Douglas (apparently)

  • Rob Brown

    THe reasons we take longer
    All of the below, plus…..

    Our club is currently a car wreck – who wants to be involved in that?

    We finished lower down the league than most, so our targets are hanging back for better offers from people like Crystal Palace

    We’re too far North. They believe we live in mud huts and eat babies
    And their wives can’t understand Cheryl Cole

    Apparently Darras Hall is full