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Why Newcastle United Fans Should Work WITH Joe Kinnear

9 years ago

I was beside myself with Kinnear’s appointment, happily swept along with everyone else in the world about what an abysmal appointment it was/is, furious that this glorious club could be dragged through the mud….again…..for the umpteenth time in the last 30 years or so (McKeag, Westwood, Waddle, Gazza, Beardo, Relegation, Cole, Ferdy, Ginola, Dalglish, Gullit, SBR, Shepherd/Hall, Allardyce, Ashley, NUFC for sale x 3, Wise, Jimenez, KK, Kinnear, Relegation, Hughton,, Wonga, and finally Kinnear).

However, today my attitude has shifted. I think it’s the Telegraph’s utterly foundation-free article on our very own Graham Carr leaving. It smacks of sensationalism, something I am used to as a NUFC fan, the media deciding now’s a good time to put the boot in, whilst smugly adding the line ‘the fans deserve better’.

What we actually ‘deserve’ is for journalists to actually do something for us, to find out the real whys of Kinnear’s appointment. To look at Llambias and instead of jumping on the ‘look, this wonderful man left because of the heinous sinner Joe Kinnear – what a laughing stock’, actually take a considered view of what Llambias had done. Two Summers in a row, Llambias has f***ed up our pre-season. He left us short-changed and is THE most responsible for the failure last season. He has done a good job, financially, but footballing-ly has failed miserably time and again. He was around when we went down, he was overseeing Wise/Jimenez arriving, he was there screwing around with Shearer and KK – don’t let the media hamper your long-term memory.

Furthermore, aside from ranting like a loony and getting names wrong, JK called the resignation of Llambias right. So it wasn’t like he resigned BECAUSE of Kinnear, he apparently already has – and I think a fairer assumption than blaming Joke is looking at his record of failure. I would go so far as to suggest that the abysmal pre-season planning two years on the bounce is something to point a finger at, yet I can’t seem to find that comment in the endless miles of articles condemning Kinnear’s appointment.

Then there’s the other facts – Ashley’s utter inconsideration for the public. He does seem oblivious but what choice does he have? Llambias was clearly asked to go which meant what NUFC and Ashley needed was someone with footballing knowledge to come in and get the club back on a firm footing ON the pitch. The financials off it aren’t exactly fantastic so could do with work, but the urgency is in marketing a brand that finishes in the top 10 with an exciting and valuable squad, so get the product right first before selling it. It’s all well and good to say ‘but isn’t Hoddle available?’ – what would be the difference? That instead of getting players names wrong, Hoddle would simply insist that Obertan wasn’t picked because he was a murderer in his previous life? It’s more palatable for sure, but if I was owner and had never met Hoddle in my life, it’s unlikely I would want him employed because ‘trust’ is high on my agenda.

Let’s also note that Ashley doesn’t have a wide footballing circle. He doesn’t go anywhere, with anyone. His choices are going to be severely limited. Somehow Joe Kinnear has penetrated this inner sanctum of trust – Joe Kinnear has done what thousands of journalists have failed to do, and he did it in 4 months at the club. If that doesn’t tell you something about the character of the man, then what does?

Then there’s the ‘oooooh, this is TOTALLY undermining Pards, poor guy – how does he feel?’. So how did Pardew feel when Twitter went mental at reports of him being fired, with thousands of comments delighted he was being given his marching orders? How many of those are sympathising with his ‘situation’? Quite a few, I’d warrant. Happy enough to want him sacked but outraged when the possibility comes around in a different way. An invented, fabricated way, it’s worth pointing out.

Kinnear’s media persona is buffoonish. He’s archaic, maybe even ancient, and a long way from anyone’s choice for the role. I would sooner none of this happened but his former employees have never said anything but good things. Llambias is gone. Pardew is now more accountable. Ashley has made a change at the club, the intentions simply CANNOT be negative. There is NO point in the club getting relegated. So this single change – Llambias for Kinnear – may be daft, but might I argue that getting swept up in so much hypocritical bullsh!t at the hands of Fleet Street is maybe not the best way to go? Maybe, just maybe, we should take it with a pinch of salt – we’ve been through far, far worse – grab it with both hands and see what happens?

What would be so wrong in standing WITH Joe Kinnear, instead of against him?


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