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Cisse Moving To Club Who Pass The Ball On The Ground To Him More Than Once A Month?

7 years ago

Over the last week much of the press has run reports centred around one of our Muslim players, Papiss Cisse, and whether or not he’ll wear a Newcastle shirt with Wonga’s logo on it, though none of them contain any direct quotes from the player or his representatives.

Many of them (Independent, Daily Mail & Mirror) contained some context and information about why a Muslim player may be opposed to be seen promoting Wonga, some of them (the BBC) chose not to include one of the main issues of the story in their article regarding Muslim beliefs, instead quoting PFA deputy chief Bobby Barnes at length, even though Barnes must have chosen not to ask his union member on whether it was actually a story or not before speculating anyway.

Some, like the Chronicle, published the same story with exactly the same lazy attitude, they may “understand that the player has concerns over the sponsorship deal” but they haven’t bothered to quote him directly, simply regurgitating a story that they must have spotted whiling away their days surfing the net, possibly last October when the same story was printed about our other Demba.

Now “The Mag hierarchy understand” that no one at the club likes the BBC or Chronicle and prefers to deal directly with Sky Sports, so they have to scrape around the bottom of the pond for scraps of news but “a Ben Cooper insider believes” that The Chronicle isn’t even the best newspaper to keep your chips in, never mind telling us about football.

The Mag will no doubt deal with the Wonga issue in greater depth over the summer but for now I’d like to discuss just one of the issues involved in this story: As Cisse hasn’t been quoted as saying anything, how did it get printed in the first place? Well either because:

1)            It’s not true but the press just decided that it would cause a bit of bother and thought that the club are fair game after their general behaviour toward anyone who ran a story the club didn’t like this season and banning any journalist who didn’t say just how fabulous they all are. As Newcastle fans we are fair game given a previous history of uproar and all they needed to do was find journalists who wouldn’t be interested in the truth but were a big enough git to make something like this up to feed their family / ego.


2)            The club have fed this news story to a friendly journalist in order to turn supporters off our number 9 so they can sell him this summer without much fuss.

They may want to sell him for football reasons, perhaps they have become tired of his inconsistent first touch or his chances converted ratio not being high enough for a team where goals are hard to get.

Perhaps in February the club started fining Cisse a grand for every time he was needlessly offside and he owes the club 400K already.

They may want to sell him because of potential future wage demands, he’s been here for a year and a half now, he’s bound to want a new contract and pay rise soon and the club don’t want to give him one because they think he’s not worth it, his lucky streak has run out.

Maybe the club want to sell him because they can still get a great price for him, the world still remembering the 2012 goal of the season competition which he made his own, rather than his value plummeting when they see him claiming goals that have  fluked in off his backside .

Maybe it is personal, he won’t wear Sports Direct wristbands, he didn’t like Danny Simpson’s lass, his chinos are the wrong colour, or he sends all of his wages back to poor people in his country who now no longer have to borrow money off in order to get through another month.


3)            Papiss Cisse fed this story to a friendly journalist in order to bail out of a sinking ship, or get a massive pay rise to stay. He has got sick of running his backside off up and down the channels and having to out-muscle the likes of Vidic, Terry and Huth in order to get his bonce on anything vaguely punted upfield.

He’s got sick of not getting the credit for getting in the way of other players shots which are going wide in order to ‘backside’ his goals in because everyone thinks it was a fluke, even though in reality it was as brilliant as the two he got against Chelsea. Now he wants to leave and score some goals for a team that passes the ball to him on the ground near the goal more than once a month, or stay and earn twice as much for the 40 miles per game he has to run to mark the whole of the opposition’s defence when we don’t have the ball.

Either way, if you want to read more about it be my guest, the story has been on most of the major news and football websites, and The Chronicle. Better still, you might get the truth by asking Papiss next time you see him, this lot couldn’t be bothered.


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