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Steven Taylor “There Is No Way We Can Go A Goal Down…”

8 years ago

It was interesting/worrying/comforting (I don’t know which) to read earlier in the week the boy Steven Taylor saying, in relation to up and coming games, “There is no way we can go a goal down and then start to play.”

Should we be playing any games where we have to go behind before we start looking for the opposition’s net? Obviously not.

Reading between the lines of his statement, a thought occurred to me. Perhaps the shared mentality or tactics of the team, subliminally or otherwise, has not been to attack from the off and pressure the other team, but to try and contain them before we start our attacking game?  I know this is generalising, but hey….

Maybe I’m taking his comment too literally……

Consider this though, how many times this season, in pundit speak, have we failed to “come out of the blocks”?  Bloody loads.

How many times this season have we got stuck in from the first whistle, and put the opposition onto the back foot. And kept it there. Not bloody enough.

One thing is for certain, the two most recent Premiership football(?) results involving North East teams must surely change all that.  Of course I’m referring to the six nowt Grievous Bodily Harm at our place and the wholly more enjoyable mercy killing at the Stade de Plight.

In not one, but two fell swoops, that hoary old chestnut ‘goal difference’ sneakily rears its ugly heed.

Of the three teams, OK two teams and a whoop of baboons, tied on 37 points, we are where we are because of the un-magical number of ‘minus twenty three’.

The final support ropes on our safety net have not only been tampered with but have been severed by the blunt knife of Premiership reality.  The table doesn’t lie, nor does goal difference for that matter.

So, if we assume that our overall game plan now becomes one of ‘not worrying about what the other teams do, but concentrating on ourselves and winning’ then due to goal difference does it not follow that we can’t adopt a policy of trying to nick every game one nil?

If there is the merest whiff of a positive to be gained from recent events, and I’m not sure there is, can we expect a much more offensive approach to these last few games? Surely we must.

An approach we may not have had if we held a superior goal difference over Villa?

Of course the flip side of all this is that goal difference is also dependent upon keeping clean sheets, or at least conceding less than the opposition.

Oops, didn’t spot that particular banana skin…….

Ultimately our future still remains in our own hands.  Or perhaps more accurately in the feet of players who will never, ever, make the emotional investment you and I have made in the fabric and very being of what is OUR CLUB. They do not have the direct line back to generations of Mags long since gone, or those we continue to create. New generations of The Toon Army, blessed and cursed as we are.

Right now, inspired by stories of Alessandro Pistone a little too much, I’m seeing if Domino’s Pizza can deliver eleven sheep’s hearts to Longbenton……Oh, and a lion’s heart topped off with a side order of Mekon brain for a ‘Mr A.Pardew’…….

I’m also hoping that I’m forced to cancel the bulk order of Samurai swords from Tokyo for delivery to the same address on Monday 20th of May……

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