Last night saw one of the social nights of the year as Newcastle Captain, Fabricio Coloccini, invited his teammates around for their tea – as Gary Neville might say.

Anyway, Sammy Ameobi posted some photos on social media and very quickly Colo’s party became a big turning point.

ColoI’ve seen a few people questioning whether this is simply a publicity stunt and Sammy Ameobi’s been told by the club to get the photos out into the public domain.

All a bit far-fetched if you ask me and if players didn’t want to go I doubt they are going to take notice if the club says they have to go.

The squad look to be having a canny time and getting on, wonder who did the cooking?

The benefits of modern technology eh? Been able to see just how long our captain’s dinner table is, wonder if he had to go knocking on neighbours’ doors to get enough chairs?

  • Lord

    I heard that Gouffran left early, just as Shola turned up.

  • csh

    Cisse was out in the front garden as everyone else went out the back..

  • Rob Elliot may look inside, but the linesman and ref reliably inform me he’s outside…

  • Heaton Mick

    They look like they’re sat in a similar formation to the one they played in against Liverpool.

  • If that’s Colo’s house that tells me he is leaving and that’s his farwell do. Obvious and simple.

    • No. Colo is the captain. That’s a perfectly legitimate reason for the arty to be at his house. Would you say the same if it was held at Cabaye’s or Cisse’s or (god forbid) Shola’s!

  • Alreet

    Ben arfa came but he was made to sit in the lounge till most of the food was gone then was expected to just be happy with a 2 minute micro pud