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Newcastle United – ‘Fortiter Defendit Triumphans’

9 years ago

For those of you who don’t know, that is the motto of Newcastle United. It’s Latin, and translates to “Triumphing by brave defense”, which is ironic considering the pitiful surrender from our lot against Liverpool.

However, the motto was only adopted by the club.

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The brave defense referred to in the city’s motto makes sense because Newcastle upon Tyne grew up as a walled city to protect us from our enemies. These days there isn’t a lot left of the old city walls but the motto remains true.

We Geordies come under fire all too often. We’re stereotyped by anyone south of Scotch Corner as alcoholic simpletons who fight all the time and are sexist & homophobic (and friendly??). The press love to have a go. They hate us and it’s obvious. If United are doing well you can bet they’ll conjure up lies to destabilise us. If we’re struggling they’ll kick us when we’re down, with bollocks such as in the Telegraph blaming the French players.

Yet we remain. Incapable of being overcome, subdued or vanquished. Averaging over fifty thousand at home and we rack up more miles than anyone else travelling the length and breadth of the country to support our team. We look after each other up here, to hell with anything else. It’s our way and we’re happy with it.

And so the question I have to ask is ‘Do you love your football club?’. I would hope the answer is yes, because despite the awful season we’ve had domestically, it would take a pretty badly stung Mag to have no love left for Newcastle. And right now they need us.

Four years ago I attended a supporters club meeting at the Irish centre. I’ll never forget the way every head turned to me as I was given the microphone. The point I made then is the same one I’m making now. Hopefully the consequences we suffered in 2009 will be enough to persuade people to take heed this time because we didn’t last time.

Our club needs us. Your club needs you. We stand divided, bickering amongst ourselves as our team slides down the league and the press gleefully watch on. We’re pi**ed off and to be fair its understandable. We’ve been poor but that isn’t important. There is only one thing that matters now. Supporting our team. We can’t afford not to, literally, given the financial implications of relegation. Almost all of us now know the bitter taste of relegation and it isn’t nice.

It is all about mindset. On paper we have a team very capable of 3 wins. But they’re not performing because their heads have dropped. We have to change that. We have to support them. And the gaffer. Some of you may not like Alan Pardew, but it’s too late to replace him now, and its foolish to suggest otherwise. We have to lift our team and ourselves and not just on match day.

This begins now. Take to the internet, to the forums and Facebook and Twitter in particular. Let the players know we’re still right behind them. Overwhelm them with messages of support and praise. Let’s see if we can get #howaythelads trending. Get yourself down to the pub and spread the word. We have to stop trying to figure out where things have been going wrong, and who is to blame, and instead decide how we can improve and who the next hero will be. We are the 12th man. We can make a difference. Now it’s over to you.

Howay the lads.

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