This time last year, Alan Pardew took part in a radio phone-in and talked openly about what his intentions were for the summer planning for the following (this) season.

What he said at the time has been much quoted since because things that the manager clearly was confident were going to happen, never did. The obvious conclusion for most is that Mike Ashley put the block on the manager’s plans and didn’t make any transfer cash available.

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AlanPardew15Alan Pardew last summer said categorically that we were going to sign a dominant centre-back who would also add goals, somebody close to Cabaye who everybody assumed was Debuchy and which was later confirmed, while the manager also revealed he was going to bring in a specialist coach to work on set-pieces.

None of these things of course ended up happening last summer; no centre back knocking in goals, no Debuchy (until January) and most definitely nobody working on set-pieces.

This is how we reported the Radio Newcastle talk-in at the time;

Alan Pardew last night revealed that Newcastle United would be buying a new centre-half this summer.

Fielding questions in a radio phone-in with John Carver on Radio Newcastle, the manager stated as fact that the club would be bringing in a defender who would compete with Steven Taylor and Mike Williamson to play alongside Fabricio Coloccini.


Speaking last night in a Radio Newcastle phone-in, Alan Pardew admitted that he wanted to bring in a player who was close to Cabaye.

To his credit Alan Pardew is repeating the event and will join Mick Lowes in the Radio Newcastle studio this Friday (17th May) from 7pm to 8pm.

We await with interest to hear what will/won’t happen this time.

What question would you ask Alan Pardew?

(Leave your question in the comments below but please remember if you use any ‘naughty’ words the comments system automatically doesn’t publish them)

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  • murvar

    Why do you persist in playing players out of their best positions, sometimes more than once in the same game – and not only because of injury? Sometimes players have been moved to another unfamiliar position within the same game. Surely this can only weaken our cohesiveness on the pitch?

  • gatis

    i think you need to replace gutierez on the left with someone like ben arfa so we can go down the wings and cross them in to cisse or through the middle with cabaye tiote or sissoko and we need to send all the players that are under 20 to loan that you want to use in the future no point for them to just stay in there and not beoing player like cambel i think he isnt out on loan so send him out to get playing time

  • csh

    Why does Jonas continue to get picked when clearly he has been poor for most of the season? Does he have a “must play” clause in his contract?
    Vernon Anita has shown flashes of real ability since signing – why is it that in some games he doesn’t even get off the bench?

  • GToon

    Why cant we play attractive football like Wigan or Swansea or WBA when on paper we seem to have better players – this is after all an entertainment industry and what we had seen this year has not been entertaining in any way, shape or form.
    Why don’t we try a short corner for a change?
    Why were the ball boys v Benfica so useless? They must have wasted at least 2 minutes with their lack of urgency in getting the ball to our players.
    The general consensus of opinion amongst seasoned Toon fans is that you seem to care about the club but lack the tactical nous to take us forward. How do you react to that and what can you say to the fans to reassure them that we might be better organised for the coming season?

  • BigJB147

    Why is Gouffran always subbed? Why do we continually retreat after taking a lead? Why do we not play to our strengths? Why are we unable to take a decent set piece of any kind, not just corners? Why do we fail to press the opposition when they have possession? Why are certain players guarenteed to start regardless of form (Tiote, Jonas)? Why do we serve up such deathly dull football?

    Don’t see this going too well for him unless the questions are vetted well in advance

    • GToon

      Your last point about vetting the questions is spot on. They will probably b along the lines of “who did you support as a boy?” from some 6 yr old who’s too frightened to ask it himself.
      At the risk of repeating myself on this website all of your questions could be answered if we simply bought the whole of Swansea FC and their coaching staff. Swap them for our lot – we might even make a profit. I know we might not realistically get their players but their manager might be a start and with it their style of play.

      • steve

        In our first season under Pardew we finished 5th playing some attractive football, Swansea under Laudrup look to be finishing 8th/9th this season, what has you convinced that he would be able to do a better job and isnt just having a similar(but not as impressive) first year in charge?

        • csh

          So winning a domestic trophy is not as impressive as finishing 5th?

          • steve


          • steve

            I would rather win a trophy but over the course of 38 games finishing above the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton is a far more impressive achievement than winning the League Cup.

  • Dave

    What do you think the future holds for Nile Ranger? Will you try and go after Loic Remy in the summer? If Andy Carroll came back to Newcastle as a player how do you think Steven Taylor would feel? Which clubs do you think will show interest in Rafael Benítez this summer? What will you do to insure Newcastle avoids a relegation battle next year?

  • disqus_dV3G6PqAbd

    why do you always sit back as soon as we have a lead, do u not feel it justs puts pressure on us? why have set pieces been so dire this year? why have you moaned about the europa league so much for ruining our season but when we were in the competition gone full out after it? despite injuries, with players like collocini, taylor, yanga mbwia, haidara, santon, debuchy, krul etc how have we let in so many goals?

  • Hirdy

    Have you thought about using Debuchy on the right wing since he is so attack minded and buying another right back? Why do we not use natural footed players on the correct wings to whip in first time crosses? eg: why not use HBA on the left wing. Who are you most likely to buy as a strike partner for Cisse: Bony, Remy, Van Wolfswinkel or Aubameyang? Why did you play many of the squad out of their favoured position this season? Injuries cannot be the only excuse eg: Sissoko is a box to box midfielder not a winger! Can you please enlighten us on your half time pep talks? Everytime we came out for the second half of our games this season we were horrible.

  • Heaton Mick

    Why have we not scored from a corner for 18 months? How often are they practised on the training pitch? What is he going to do differently next season?

    A prolonged period of no goals like that can’t just be down to bad luck.

    • Mal

      I think you could add set pieces generally to this. The question of what they do all week on the training pitch needs to be asked as it’s an absolute joke. With Williamson back in on Sunday (and incidentally playing well) we had our keeper taking free kicks on the half way line and lumping it up to him. We have never ever scored from such a move yet we keep doing it. Norwich have scored 15 goals from set pieces this season – imagine if we had equalled that. The coaching set up needs reviewed – I honestly don’t think Carver and Stone are up to it, despite the fact they are Geordies.

  • Since Jan, we have been good at home in PL and Europe until derby and Liverpool games, and away from home we could have had better results given performance/opportunity at Swansea, Wigan, west brom and west ham. Why do you think therefore we fail to maximize the potential of this squad of players?
    Why without colo are we not strong at the back, and why without Ben arfa do we lack drive and creativity, an inability to put teams on the back foot?

  • Hughie

    Can you do anything about Cisse being almost permanently offside, and his poor ball retention? Why did you not play Gouffran more frequently, and give Campbell a try when Cisse was so obviously underperforming in numerous games?

    • glasshalfempty

      Cisse underperforming? Howay man!!

      • Hughie

        Cisse’s a lightweight–erratic, no ball retention, can’t compete in the air, doesn’t understand offside it seems– luxury player. Watch Cabaye and Pardew screaming at him in last few matches on any number of occasions. Ba, Carroll, Shearer– that is the quality of striker this massive club merits.

  • Are you sick and tired of whinging Newcastle supporters questioning your ability as a manager without taking into account factors such as – the club not signing the players you had expected last summer, the extra commitment to the team and coaching staff of the Europa League and the severe injury list that has gone on and on throughout the season, but most importantly the crucial absence of Colo?

  • Jezza

    Were your long term friendships with both Ashley and Llambias a major factor in you getting the Newcastle job?

    Is acting as a PR spokesman for Ashley part of your job description?

    Have you ever lied to Newcastle fans about potential transfer targets and money available?

    Do you feel that you are out of your depth managing this club?

    Are you surprised to be still in the job after the many shambolic performances and long relegation battle this season?

    Why have you not been able to get anything like the best of our more talented players?

    Why do you persist in singing the praises of Shola Ameobi when we all know he is not, and never has been, a Premiership standard striker?

    Why have you always got a never ending supply of excuses when things go wrong and never accept any blame yourself?

  • Why did you persist in playing players out of position and adopting negative tactics

  • vanessa carr

    why do you think that a club as big as Newcastle has never won any silverware or been in contention with the top four teams on any consistent level

  • Would you ever consider playing Davide Santon in a Midfield position

  • My main criticisms of you as a manager are:

    1) You’re a Yes Man.
    2) You always make excuses, rather than accept any responsibility for our shortcomings.
    3) You lack ambition and always set unrealistically low goals in order to lower expectations.

    How do you respond to these criticisms?

    A few seconds ago · Edited · Like

  • Also, one of the few legitimate excuses you could have used (but never mention) was that Ashley failed to strengthen the squad pre-season. Is your failure to mention this because you believe Ashley will sack you if you are honest with him?

  • OhSholaAmeobi

    Are you allowed to ask: ‘why are you an impetuous egotistical tw** with the tactical nouse of an egg timer?’

  • Dave

    Have you considered hiring a personal spin doctor with all the negative press this year?