WInteresting to read about an incident just over two years ago when Callum McManaman was playing against Wigan reserves against Manchester City.

These are extract from a match report at the time on MCFCReserves website, see if you can spot anything familiar…

‘Gai Assulin was stretchered off in injury time with his right leg in a brace, following a wild challenge by Callum McManaman, which caused some friction between the two benches.’

‘Just as the clock ticked into the 90th minute, Gai Assulin picked the ball up just inside Wigan’s half and Callum McManaman ran from City’s half and dived in very late and caught Gai on his right leg with the studs showing.”

I can see what Roberto Martinez and his boss mean now about what a canny lad he is, wouldn’t hurt a fly, salt of the earth etc etc

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  • fatash

    No excuse it was a bloody awful tackle and extremely dangerous, Wigan’s attituide is`a disgrace

  • Rob Brown

    You cant blame the lad if he was playing against Wigan reserves AND against Man City .
    Imagine how frustrated he must have been – 1 against 22!

  • Right, like no Newcastle player ever made a two-footed lunge? It’s your club’s management who have the questions to answer. Dave Whelan is right: McManaman went for the ball and sadly these things occasionally happen in football (it happened to Whelan, it happened to Ryo Miyauchi just last week; no one from Wigan spat the dummy). Martinez is correct, too. McManaman wouldn’t say boo to a goose; he had to tell the lad he wasn’t playing so he might get a decent night’s kip before the Huddersfield cup game. McManaman’s a kid who was making his full debut, and has had it overshadowed by sancitmonious Mag trolls, fake Twitter feeds, and know-nothing media pundits. As soon as MacManaman saw the lad was injured, he sportingly tried to stop play by handling the ball; he’s already made arrangements to visit him in hospital. “Little” Wigan rarely get the rub of the green from the FA in contentious decisions (look at Figuoera’s ridiculous sending off in the reverse fixture), and it’s the over-reaction of the Newcastle dug-out (again not the first time this season) that soured this encounter. “Martinez defends the indefensible”: really, you lot need to grow up and move on.

    • BigJB147

      Yes, my team’s players have made two footed lunges and I condem those too. It’s irrelevant really as this has no bearing whatsoever on this incident. If we want to go that way, I remember Cattermole putting both Habib Beye and Joey Barton out of action whilst a Wigan player so happy to continue in this vein if you want.

      As for handling the ball to stop play, he contested the freekick and if he was so upset by what happened why didn’t he immediately go to Haidara instead of playing on? He’s had previous as mentioned on various blogs, newsites etc so to say he’s not that type of player, just a kid – only 21, jeez kids get older and older don’t they – really don’t wash. The challenge made was reckless, knee height, studs showing at an unnatural level to actually try and play the ball, not exactly trying to use a sidefoot to control or through the laces to clear, so why that particular angle? Then we have Martinez and Whelan’s ridiculous comments, adding fire when all that is needed is a token line saying it was a poor challenge, end of.

      Finally, yes the overreaction is what ruined the day rather than a young (younger than the assailent) professional footballer potentially having his ligaments shattered and his career put on hold for over a year. Maybe you should tell him to grow up too

  • starstruck

    Anyone know of a worse tackle on a Newcastle player? Ever?

  • robbeer

    sorry but anyone thats played weekend football knows exactly what this was ! he may well have went for the ball but the intent was stronger on taking the man after . If it was a total accident he would have been straight up to comfort the player and offer his apology there and then (like ive seen cabaye do many times) but he didnt ! I watched my close friend one time have his leg snapped in two with a similar challange . that guy thought he was such a big hard man however after the challange he done more crying than my friend with the snapped leg. that was sunday morning this should not happen in todays top flight i only hope callum thinks hard and long about what hes done and learns as both players hopefully have a bright future in the top tier.

    • glasshalfempty

      you’re dead right mate. cowards tackle like many a Sunday morning numpty would put in!!

  • Two words: Joey Barton

  • Pot and Kettle are another 2 words