To some he’s a loyal servant, while others scratch their heads at how on earth he’s clung on so long.

With only a year left on his contract come June, the Shola Ameobi question surfaces once again.

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Alan Pardew has commented on the situation to the Chronicle;

SholaAmeobi23“He has still got another year with us and I don’t see a problem extending that, we’ll see.

I think the bottom line with Shola will be how long he wants to stay at one club because he has been here all his career.

It will be his decision but I hope he wants to stay”.

Reading between the lines I imagine that the manager is really saying that if Shola wants to get many games he’ll have to look elsewhere.

Personally I don’t really care whether he stays or not, what I do think is vital though is that we bring in another striker who would be ahead of him, whether Shola stays or not.

  • ABS – Anyone But Shola

    What question is there? He’s completely useless and always has been. The fact he scores against the mackems and takes a decent penalty should’t distract from his multitude of other inadaquacies. He should go, though sadly we all know he’ll still be here in a seasons time.

    • He wasn’t always useless. When he first broke into the team he looked to be a tremendous prospect. He was scoring goals in the champions league and at u21 level. In saying that I agree that from that time till now has been a downward spiral with one or two highlights here and there.

  • Rob Brown

    Hardly a question of “if” he wants to stay. He’s got nowhere else to go.

    We tried to sell him a few years ago and nobody wanted him!

    When his second touch is normally the turf and his goal scoring expertise has landed us a paltry one in 5 why would we even want to keep him? There has to be better and cheaper out there who will bring more to the party.

    • Porciestreet
      Whats the odds he gets the winner against the 5hite. Got to keep him signed up if only for that reason. Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads.

  • glasshalfempty

    For Shola Ameobi read Steve Harper – made a pile of cash out of playing a bit part for 20 years yet he seems to be on a pedestal?

  • long live king shola

  • Glyn Wade

    Shola is what he is. He is a decent player who has made the most of his time as a footballer. He isnt great in the air, isnt particularly quick and never has been, doesnt have a great first touch but has done his best for his club. He has also never (in my knowledge) rocked the boat, caused dressing room unrest, sulked or not cared. With the last comment we need to understand that just cos he looks like he is strolling around doesnt mean he isnt interested – remember Waddle and Tino and how “interested” they appeared to be at times. Shola knows he isnt a Shearer or Tino or Beardsley but i can only remember one Shola. Regarding the question of him leaving – why should he – its his club. Its up to the club to sell him and over the years there have been times we should be thankful that they haven’t. He has been left on the bench, played out wide and still no complaints. Funny song, funny player, but one of ours. My kids and I will certainly make the 450 mile round trip to say thanks when he calls it a day.

    • That brought a tear to my eye.

    • hoglan

      Nicely written, but I have to pick you up on a couple of things:

      Shola *can* be great in the air, he *does* have a decent first touch, he just rarely shows the talent he’s got, therefore he *hasn’t* made the most of his time as a footballer.

      The ease with which Carroll took the number 9 shirt said it all for me, Carroll was far from the finished article (still isn’t) but no-one ever doubted Carroll’s effort on the pitch. The same can’t be said about Shola unfortunately.

      Most of us know Shola can play, when he’s on his game (usually against Sunderland it has to be said) he can be a right handful.