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Sports Direct To Sponsor Stadium Of Light?

8 years ago

It was with great amusement that I read in one of the tabloids over the weekend, that Sunderland would possibly consider renaming the Stadium of Light to incorporate a sponsor.

Rumour has it they are desperately short of cash and with the FFP coming into play very soon, they have to find a way to generate more income.

Their spokesperson tried to justify this possibility by claiming because the Stadium is new it is not like the rebranding of St James Park, using the Emirates and Etihad as perfect and powerful examples. She also said if they had still been at Roker Park they would not ever have considered selling naming rights, I took this as a petty dig at us, silly woman.

I did not give this much thought over the weekend until beer time on Sunday afternoon, the discussion in the pub/club was all about how unlucky we were on Saturday, how once these new signings fully bed in we could be an extremely good and entertaining side. Plus how much we are looking forward to the upcoming derby, the general consensus is that if both teams play to full potential we are at least 3 goals better than them.

If we play well and they don’t turn up then there could even be a a repeat of the 5 we put past them just two seasons ago, they have had so much luck against us that it has to run out soon,;deflected last minute equalizers, or for those with long memories – unnatural weather, winds of biblical proportions, monsoon like rain etc

We then went on to discuss the merits of all the signings, interestingly each of us had an opinion on who was the best. I like them all and while Sissoko hogs the headlines I am liking the cut of Goufrann’s gib and as for the Debeuchy, he is simply top drawer.

I also put up a good case for Hatim Ben Arfa being better than Messi…..and for those who find that a bold statement I actually do believe he is.

We then discussed the fact these signings should have been made last summer, however that did not happen for whatever reason.

Then the merits of Mike Ashley was discussed, there is no doubt the hate for him is waning amongst the group I go with, some even say he now deserves credit and is rectifying old mistakes, and I daresay I have to agree, we are now going in the right direction and if (it’s a big if) we hold on to what we have and maybe add another striker, we could challenge the Top 4 again next season.

So you are asking what has this to do with Sunderland selling naming rights, well we tried to be humorous, by inventing sponsors IE KFC for Chicken town, but then inspiration struck……

Mike Ashley is trying to redeem himself and is doing a fine job, but what could he do to ice this cake, to put him fully back on an even keel with all Newcastle fans, maybe even put him ahead of the game.

Well he has just raised £100 million from the sale of some of his shares, what better way to spend a portion of this cash than by investing into the unwashed down the road and buying those naming rights.

How funny would it be if the Stadium of Light suddenly became the “Sports Direct” Stadium of Light….or something similar, I think I would laugh until Christmas.

Come on Mr Ashley, I dare you!!!!!

Over to you Mike…


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