WThat was the most disgusting challenge i have ever seen.

In fact it wasn’t even a challenge. The word challenge would suggest that there was an element of competition, something being competed for. That was just an assault.

I don’t know what our fans who were at the game made of it but sat at home watching the game on Sky I have seen it to the point of feeling so angry, that I have looked at all of Wigan’s remaining fixtures in the hope that they get relegated.

The Sky microphone picks up the cry of pain as soon as Haidara’s knee is smashed into. Disgusting. Perhaps even worse is the hero treatment afforded to the little thug as he leaves the pitch. A standing ovation from their fans and firm handshakes all round from his manager and the other clown stood next to him.

Relegation would be a fitting end for this lot.

Martinez has since been on the TV/Radio saying what a lovely bloke McManaman is and how he wouldn’t hurt anybody and how they have had injuries to their players. Does he think that somehow makes it ok then?

Hopefully any neutrals will turn against Wigan and the luck that allows corners to be ignored and handling the ball allowed, will run out on them. I just hope Haidara is ok and wish him a speedy recovery.

  • blackiegray

    Settle down. It was a bad challenge true, was it any worst than Nolan’s on Anichebe a few years ago when he went in with gritted teeth and broke his leg and got subsequently sued by him? Probably not. Bad challenge yes, malicious? Don’t think so.

    • Glyn Wade

      Have a look at the images of the “challenge”. Have a look at how far the ball is moved in relation to his supposed contact. Who would try and make contact with the ball using their studs if that was their intention? He tried to do him – plain and simple.

      • blackiegray

        I don’t think theres a footballer out there (anymore) who would intentionally go out and try to break someone’s leg/do serious injury, they might go in for a hard challenge, but never to do serious damage.

        • Glyn Wade

          Unfortunately there are and often they become almost revered for it. Jones, Case, Souness, Keane. In fact the so called MOTD experts often comment on a team needing a player of that ilk in order to win things. My team have Tiote and if you take the time to look at most comments about him you would hopefully see its not a part of his game that we particularly appreciate. As for the Nolan challenge i think it was dreadful. I think that lad (Anichebe) deserved his revenge when he got the winner against us this year. I think Nolans challenge was worse for what its worth.

          • blackiegray

            My team also have Tiote ;) He’s clumsy and likes a hard tackle, but never seen him go in with the purpose of breaking someones leg.

          • hoglan

            Agreed. Tiote is clumsy, but I’ve never seen him genuinely try to hurt some one. He stays on his feet for the most part and rarely slides in.

            Cabaye on the other hand has been guilty of a few bad tackles and has been lucky to stay on the pitch. Dembele at White Hard Lane springs to mind.

  • I clapped him off as he’d had a good game and that’s why I was there to support my team. Only saw the tackle in realtime and from my angle it looked a genuine 50/50. I still it was but the follow through was out of order and he’ll rightly get punished. Whether it was genuinely malicous or deliberate I’m not sure but it was certainly over the top.

    It’s not the worst tackle ever, not even the worst this season. Coloccini on Suarez? What about Nolan’s deliberate legbreaker on Anichebe? Exceptionally harsh claims from fans who once clapped and cheered a certain angel, Joey Barton.

    As for the handball goal, if the ref does his job it would have been a penalty for Taylor wrestling Scharner to the ground so nothing in that whatsoever.

    Plenty of overreaction on this at the moment as many have seen it on sky.

    • You muppet. If the ref did his job the foul would not have mattered because he’d have blown already for handball!

    • Heaton Mick

      Using Joey Barton as a benchmark of fair play is very dangerous territory. If he got a 12 match ban last season for the incident that didn’t even threaten to serious injure a City player then this sort of tackle should get a much worse punishment.
      Last time Barton made a bad tackle against Liverpool in our relegation season he was vilified by the Newcastle fans.

      I would also agree that Nolan should have got far more than a 3 game ban. However I don’t remember any fans or the management trying to make excuses for Nolan like Martinez’s ridiculous comments.

    • Jonathan

      You may reflect if someone assaulted your son/daughter/friend/colleague in such a way and then his muppet friends applauded him whilst he was doing it saying what a great lad he was.

      Sorry mate you are an ignorant fool and should be embarrassed by your own actions. Just think of the victim here, lying in hospital because of a pure act of thuggery and YOU applauded it.
      If one of ours does it they tend to get sent off, not saying they don’t at times but this was higher and more dangerous than any I have seen for many years.
      Over reaction – go and tell that to Haidara

      • Rowland

        Absolute shocker from McMannaman. I hope he gets a long ban for that. Really bad. I was there at the away end when Nolan stamped at Anichebe and broke his leg a few years back. Newcastle supporters booed Anichebe off the pitch on a strecher that day cause God forbid Nolan got sent off for it. Booing a guy coming off on a strecher is pretty low as well. Seeing it live isn’t the same as on TV. You’d hope that those same Wigan supporters who cheered him are now condemning him just like I hoped the same about Newcastle and Nolan.

    • Glyn Wade

      Coloccini put in a terrible challenge on Suarez and actually missed him – i.e. he didnt make contact. Nolan’s on Anichebe was dreadful. I said to my wife when he got the winner against us at SJP that he hates us and we cant blame him. The challenge was a disgrace – way over the top and totally without meaning in terms of the time of the game, the score etc etc. He went to try and do him – no dispute, no argument. Have a look at the images on the BBC website and perhaps you will revise your opinion.

  • Mark Roberts

    The worst thing that happened yesterday was the ref missing the handball that meant we lost the game after a good second half performance. Yes it was a bad tackle but no worse than the ones shearer did on Neil Lennon and Wayne Bridge (both leg breaking tackles) and if Hiadara’s leg hadn’t have been planted at the same time as McManaman’s foot connected with Hiadara’s knee then we’d not be so up in arms with such a selective memory. yes it was a poor tackle but no intent…looked much worse in slow mo but then again it always does.

  • Stephen

    I can’t believe the reaction all over the Internet about this tackle. I watched the game on Sky and even the commentators said that there was absolutely no malicious intent in the tackle. It was a bad tackle and it will probably be punished retrospectively but painting McManaman as a thug is pathetic. Last week Wigan lost Miachi for the season to a sliding tackle that was completely unnecessary and dangerous, but not once did Martinez or Wigan complain, whinge or call the player a villan or a thug.

    And Wigan have had so many bad refs calls against them season after season that you lose count – as have many sides out side the ‘big Clubs’. Check out Wayne Rooneys unpunished elbow in the back of James McCarthys head behind the refs back as an example.

    I really hope Haidara’s injury isn’t too serious and that McManaman will learn from this. I also hope that the complete overreaction and Wigan/Martinez bashing will die down all because of a bad but unintentional tackle from an inexperienced player.

    • Both feet off the floor equals 3 match ban and just look at expression on face he meant it alright.

  • Gaz

    The fans at the game saw it in real time, no replays, no slo-mo’s. McMannaman takes some of the ball and it is a swinging boot that takes out Hiadara. As far as the Wigan fans at the game are concerned it’s a good tackle (no free-kick given remember) and they feel their man is being unjustly attacked. I challenge any Geordie to say, given similar circumstances at St. James’ with a local boy making a first start, that they wouldn’t stand up and defend their man.

    It’s not a jump, not a lunge and certainly not intentional. Yes, in hindsight he only makes slight contact with a swinging boot on the ball and then gets the man and it should have been a foul, should have been a card and nine times out of ten a red. But for crying out loud, he hasn’t gone in with the malice to do him and anyone who thinks so is incredibly naive!

    There are numerous occasions in games where fortunes conspire and a bad injury ensues, this was one of those occasions. As for the handball at the end, the speed was so great it would have been an incredible spot by either ref or liner. They are human and they will make errors – as Wigan fans know very well.

    • Andrew Charlton

      This is the second time mcmanaman has done a tackle like this and is your name Dave Whelan?!

  • M Davies

    That’s not a well thought out or intelligently written article in any way. I understand you’re upset that your player’s injured and your team lost the game but seriously, get a grip. Total overreaction. And if you’re writing for something called The Mag, should uou not be at the game and not sat at home watching it on SKY ?

    • Glyn Wade

      Not well thought out and intelligent? So? Did you expect a few jokes and witty one liners? It was written in a mixture of fury and sadness after seeing a dreadful tackle smash a young player into the middle of next week. There is no place in the game for tackles like that – from any team against any team. Ask Haidara if he thinks its an overreaction. As regards “something called The Mag”. Can you only write for that if you have watched the game live?!! I haven’t got the money sorry. I’d also just got back from taking my youngest son to play for his academy. He’s hoping to be a professional footballer and is with a premier team. I just hope he is never on the receiving end of a challenge like that. I know he wont dish one out as i know he actually IS a nice lad. I’m also not watching the Sunderland home game next month as i cant afford to. Do you mind if i watch that one on Sky too? If thats ok, let me know if i can comment on it. I don’t want to be in breach of The Mag contribution rules.

  • brian standen

    A lot of knee jerk reaction, however it is a factually correct article, as it was a horrendous challenge. Mark Halsey and his officials have a lot to anser for too, it cost Newcastle dearly with both the injury and the points would Wigan have won the game with 10 men, they should not even have won it with 11, blatant handball. they say things even out in fooball but i dont want to see any Newcastle player putting that kind of tackle in on anyone,so i am not sure why some comments are comparing other tackles from down the years. let the FA take what action is neccesary, the Wigan player will get punished, let us hope he learns from it but above all let us hope the injury is not too severe and he makes a speedy recovery.

  • th76

    If one of our players had done similar, do you think Pards would criticise him in the press?

  • Richard

    “Hopefully any neutrals will turn against Wigan…”

    Assuming you are a grown adult, take the time to read that back to yourself and have a think at what a softarse that makes you sound.

    Yes, it was reckless and should have probably resulted in a red card – but have a word with yourself lad.

    If a fitting result of a bad tackle was relegation, as your article headline suggests, ask yourself how many seasons would Newcastle have played in the Premier League with Alan Shearer in the side ?

    • Heaton Mick

      Alan Shearer was sent off twice in his career. Once was for repeated shirt pulling from Uriah Rennie who hated him, the other was rescinded for an elbow that didn’t actually happen.
      So to answer your question, we’d have played exactly the same number of seasons as we have. Especially if using your benchmark that means challenges like McManaman’s should only ‘probably’ have been a red card.

    • Glyn Wade

      Most people, me included like Wigan and applaud the way they play but that feeling disintegrated in an instant. I honestly hope your team goes down based purely and simply on what happened yesterday and the reaction of your manager and owner. “Probably resulted in a red card”? “Probably”? I would think there are quite a few fans of our club and others who have revised their favourite 3 to go down based on yesterday and todays events. Shearer could take it and dish it out. This is a lad who has only been in the country 2 months. He’s 20 years old. He has made no enemies, got no previous, unlike McManaman and had been on the pitch less than 10 minutes. What exactly would you expect me to say? Good luck Wigan? Dont worry we’ve got another left back? Get a grip mate, football is a passionate game and if you don’t like somebody suggesting your team should go down perhaps you shouldn’t look at OUR website. Concentrate on your own and celebrate your big win.

      • Richard

        My last reply was removed, seems you have on the old Shearer tinted specs again – ‘give it and take it out’
        No mention of his girly strop and subsequent threat to not play for England again unless he continued to receive the preferential treatment he got for the rest of his time at the club.

        Shearer was a bad snide & your lot are laughably blinkered.

        • Glyn Wade

          Yep, you are right about the Lennon incident. He stamped on his head and should have got punished. Shirtless whoppers? Comments aside, do you think it was a bad tackle and that your club might be sending out the wrong signals on this one? You and i can argue all night but there’s a young lad in a right mess over a tackle that didn’t even need to be made. “Sorry” would be the best course of action i would think, rather than “he got the ball clean as a whistle” or “its a contact sport”. However, that’s not whats coming out of a club that most people have/had a lot of time for.

          • Richard

            It was a bad tackle that will be dealt with retrospectively and he will get the three match ban it warrants, he was travelling at pace and personally i think its more a case of inexperience / overexuberance rather than setting out to injure the player.

            Whelan’s comments are silly but we all know that he’s a walking soundbite and the press know what buttons to press with him – the comments are no more imflamatory than Pardews ‘call to arms’ to your fans to get into the DW at all costs last season.

  • JR Ewing

    I already hoped that wigan would go down for a couple of reasons.
    Firstly dave whelan is a prize p$£$k and he has cemented that opinion 7 fold today.
    Secondly the fact they never ever fill there ground (the reason being it is a rugby league town and they aren’t that interested)
    And thirdly because our record down there is absolutely s%&%e!

    The assault on Haidara is the worst tackle I have seen in a long time and the only touch he gets on the ball is irrelevant because if you look at it properly Haidara plays it up and onto him with his left foot so mcmanaman would have missed it completely anyway.

    Dragging Nolan, Barton and Shearer into it is sad because this happened yesterday and not in the past. why has nobody mentioned John McNamee??

    If it’s a choice between wigan or them from down the road going down I’ll look forward to playing with our nearest and dearest next season and not just because our record down there is outstanding to say the least.

    I hope it’s goodbye wigan and not just au revoir.

    • Mr Ewing, let’s put you right on the not filling our ground thing…

      Wigan have a similar sized population to Durham – that’s 80k, therefore to fill the 20k home seats we’d need 25% of the town to attend home games. So, considering Newcastle is a 800k city, on principle you’d expect 200k to attend
      games at St James Park?

      Wigan were non-league until 1978. Prior to that, and for much of the early 80s,
      a huge proportion of Wiganers have supported Liverpool, Everton, City, Man U, Bolton, Blackburn etc (because unlike yourselves, we have more than one neighbouring team to vie for our potential fans). On top of that there is a big Scouse section of the town’s population who have brought their obvious
      alliances with them from Merseyside. So, as we started to climb the leagues in
      the late 90s, would you have expected all these people to change their

      If you’re struggling with this concept, again think of Durham, and imagine they
      suddenly got into the football league. In thirty years, would they fill a 25k
      stadium each week with people suddenly dropping their original teams? I’ll
      answer that for you: no.

      But then, let’s bring the Rugby League into it:

      A fact you probably aren’t aware of is there are more season ticket holders for
      Wigan Athletic than for Wigan Rugby League, and even taking into account the 5k away fans that are in the stadium when the likes of Newcastle, Sunderland, Man U, City, Everton and Liverpool play here, we still have more Wigan fans per match than the Rugby League team do.

      And as the cross-over between the two is minimal (the Rugby League fraternity dislike Wigan Athletic and chose to support other local teams or called football
      ‘puffball’ or ‘wendyball’), effectively that’s two professional
      football clubs in a town of 80k people.

      The very fact we have as many on as we do is an achievement.

      You may dislike us for various reasons, and may want us to go down – especially in light of last weekend’s game, but at least get your fact straight behind one of the reasons for your loathing and don’t just take the unresearched,
      misguided opinions of Talk Sport or the BBC as gospel.

      • JR Ewing

        Mr Fairclough,
        I don’t loathe you at all or even care about wigan in the slightest I just don’t like the fact you have a prize p$%$k of a chairman, the fact we have a s&%&e record at the dave whelan stadium and the fact you never ever fill your ground.
        When on holiday a couple of years back, drinking with about 10 wiganers they gave the reason for the low attendances being that the town was a rugby league town and funnily enough at least 2 were actually everton fans. This is the basis of my comment and opinion so if this is incorrect what a shame. Does the rugby fill the ground?
        I have never listened to talksport and the propaganda of the beeb turns my stomach.
        Newcastle is a 268K city I can only assume you have included the close surrounding areas in your research of which our fanbase is largely made up from.
        And as for Durham if that did happen I think you would be surprised what would happen over 30 years but it’s pure speculation either way.

  • Callum McManaman has got a history of cowardly reckless tackles:


    Hope the FA consider McManaman’s previous record and send out a strong message when considering his punishment.

  • oe

    I also hope Haidara is ok and also wish him a speedy recovery. But I don’t understand how people think it was an intentional challenge? McManaman beat him one on one to set up the first goal 5 minutes before the challenge, why would he possibly want to injure him? Awful tackle yes but calling it malicious doesn’t make any sense.

  • anyobrien

    He should be banned for as long as Hiadara is out.I hope Wigan are relegated as they are a joke club with 15,000 home gates wanted them down long before this game ever took place.What do they bring to the Epl? A half empty rugby ground that’s what.And all this what about Shearers tackle or Bartons or Nolans i don’t remember them smashing anyone’s leg and putting them in hospital do you?

    • Mark Roberts

      Wayne bridge was out of football for 8 months following shearers tackle and he never got sent off or booked either. Not the point though…I still don’t see any intent in the tackle apart from intent to get the ball

      • Heaton Mick

        I remember the challenge on Bridge, but only because they’d already made 3 substitutions and played with 10 men so I Googled the game.

        The Guardian report says ‘within two minutes, Bridge was injured by a legitimate challenge from Alan Shearer’
        The BBC report says ‘Bridge was stretchered off after landing awkwardly following Alan Shearer’s challenge’

        There were no complaints about the tackle from Mourinho who likes a good moan and no media outcry about the challenge in a much higher profile game.

        • Mark Roberts

          see if you can find any videos of the tackle…it happened right in front of me and was a real shocker…it was a lunging sliding tackle designed to take player and ball and believe me the look in shearer’s eyes showed a lot of intent. Not here to argue Mick because we’ve crossed swords before but this sort of argument needs balance…I don’t believe for one second the lad went out to hurt Hiadara and if his leg hadn’t been planted on the ground it wouldn’t have been half as bad. He’ll get a three to six match ban and that’s fitting enough

  • Ron Swanson

    Sour much? It’s unbelievable that you have completely changed your view of a team based on the actions of one young player on his league debut.

    As a neutral reader, the “Relegation would be a fitting end for this lot” remark flags up how much of a knee-jerk reaction this article is. The internet shouldn’t be a medium for irate fans to post such drivel. Please consider future work more seriously before posting.

  • Dave

    I hope they get beat by 5 goals in everyone of their remaining matches and never get back into the premier league:
    Wigan 0-5 Norwich
    QPR 5-0 Wigan
    Man City 5-0 Wigan
    West Ham 5-0 Wigan
    Wigan 0-5 Tottenham
    West Brom 5-0 Wigan
    Wigan 0-5 Swansea
    Arsenal 5-0 Wigan
    Wigan 0-5 Aston Villa

  • “Relegation would be a fitting end for this lot.”

    childish to say the least mate, poor mistimed tackle which will be punished.

    and hoping neutrals turn against Wigan ? Grow up you child.

    • Ron Swanson

      well said