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New Signing Sensation!!

8 years ago

New Signing Sensation!!

After having watched one half of The Proclaimers give the FA’s reasoning for not taking any action against Wigan’s young debutant, I can’t help but feel a dangerous precedent has been set.

Apparently, one of the officials saw the incident, I’m assuming that was the linesman, I mean lines-idiot.  The FA confirm that their ‘current policy’ means that they cannot re-referee (I’ll come back to that one in a minute) the incident as that would be undermining the officials who on the whole are doing a tip top job under difficult circumstances and getting most decisions correct.

So what about if they didn’t actually see it properly and might have made a bit of a boob then?  I could accept that.  If the lines-idiot did see this and decided not to even give a free-kick then I would call into question his ability to officiate to an acceptable standard.

The ruling that ‘if one of the officials sees a coming together of players during a challenge for the ball’ and apparently don’t see the actual horrendous nature of what it actually entailed, then no retrospective action can be taken.  So if some challenges are made as players come together and maybe you get a sneaky elbow or punch in the balls, where the officials don’t quite see that bit, then that’s acceptable?

However, they use the example of Ben Thatcher assaulting Pedro Mendez as an exceptional case where the line had been crossed from what was outside of a coming together to an outright assault.  They further state, as that instance was obviously more than a bog standard 3 match ban that they could take action and gave him 6 matches.

So, coming back to the earlier statement, they obviously have re-refereed the incident from Sunday to determine that at worst it would only have been a 3 match ban so in effect the line had not been crossed, so tell you what, we’ll do Sweet F.A. about it and let him off Scot free!!

‘Allegedly’ (I might add for dramatic effect) I understand John Carver has kicked Pardew’s door off it’s hinges and demanded a one game contract for the next Wigan game (whenever that might be) and Alan seems to think that is a reasonable request.  Chuck Carver on for the last 10 minutes so Jonas can do one of his hospital balls, John throws himself full length Hong Kong Phooey style, making sure he gets a graze on the ball first so as to meet Dave Whelan’s definition of a fair tackle, while wildly following through knee high into…I’m sure you can add the rest yourself.

The FA won’t be able to touch him like they have this time, for having the audacity to give the lad some deserved verbals.

I’m off to count to ten now before my head explodes after today’s ridiculous turn of events.  Even the Wigan fans who have infiltrated this website have all been expecting at least a 3 game ban so fair play to them for their honesty.  I’ll leave you with some texts I’ve received from a few of the lads on the subject, I’m sure you’ll have your own views:-

MickIf it had of been Tiote he would have been hung drawn and qtr.

ChrisA hope Haidara is fit 4 the next game and does him back.  That would be karma but a think he’ll be out a long time.

NigelMartinez is a media pet.  Whelan’s broken leg and rags to riches story will play well on Football Focus.  Wigan are in the Semi Final of the cup and the FA don’t want negative publicity.  You can’t let fair play and justice get in the way of marketing.

GarrySo if this was a Man U, Chelsea etc player it would be the same result…I don’t think so.

NeilThis just adds justification to chucking my season ticket, feel like chucking football completely including SKY if this is how the governing bodies want it ran…think I’ll join Smudger watching the egg chasers!

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