MikeAshleySQ14God bless the fat controller and Graham Carr. The portfolios Carr had put together on the French foreign legion purchased in January ,was of course detailed to the nth degree, faultless and put together over a long period of time.

Ashley already had them on the radar but he was waiting for most of the player contracts to expire so he could pick them up on the cheap…a flawed strategy straight out of his Sports Direct ‘divide, conquer and pick up on the cheap’ expansion strategy.

Ashley loves playing poker and is great at waiting people out while he exerts pressure from the blind side, but time really was the enemy with this particular hand, and he had no choice but to jump in early and fork out some real cash to strengthen the squad because Pardew had steered the club toward oblivion. The good news is the new recruits have transformed the team and we’re now full of confidence again, full of belief and more importantly we’ve got a squad with a bit of depth and not before time.

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If we rewind a bit we’ll remember how the Fat controller and Llambias were boasting of how they believed they had put together a unique player recruitment policy that would revolutionise football…and for one season the ‘purple blueprint’ was almost accepted by all onlookers (apart of course from those managers who had experienced the rigours of European Football before!) as a blue print that could really work.

Only problem being we overperformed for a season and got ourselves an unexpected European spot, which combined with little or no strengthening of the squad in the summer, led to an implosion of near fatal proportions similar to that played out on numerous occasions by other clubs. Something that with a little bit of forethought and foresight could very easily have been avoided.

If you look to recent history of all the clubs who ‘unexpectedly’ got into Europe via whatever means such as league qualification, fair play, winning a cup or whatever, the exact same thing always happened…just look at Ipswich, Norwich, Everton, Spurs and Stoke…

FC Metalist Kharkiv v Newcastle United FC - UEFA Europa LeagueHowever, for some reason (namely arrogance and naivety) Ashley and Lambias thought their purple blueprint would continue to defy all historical precedent but did of course blow up in their faces and for obvious reasons we never heard from them for the 5 months leading up to January, when they did what they should have done in the summer.

Credit where credit’s due though, Ashley saw the risk to the value of his considerable investment in his beloved club and reacted accordingly. Just 5 games later and as we speak we’re now pretty much safe and have a squad that in my opinion, with a good manager, could go on to achieve really great things.

That brings me onto Pardew, is he the right man for the job? The jury is of course still out on this one and recent results have certainly given him a stay of execution, one that many have said he deserved based on his credible performance of last year.

I however am in the other camp, I wanted him gone. I still don’t believe for one second we would have found ourselves in danger of relegation with the squad we have, had we been in the hands of a different manager, that of course is simply my opinion and I respect all others to the contrary.

The results since the famous five were acquired and introduced into the fold have been much improved. Pardew has to be praised for playing Sissoko in such an advanced role, Debuchy is excellent, Gouffran looks good, we now know we won’t miss captain Colo as Mbiwa looks a very solid defender. I think Haidara looks superb and so Santon needs to be looking over his shoulder but then again so does Spiderman.

Layout 1 Cisse seems to be improving, Taylor’s looking good, Cabaye looks to be back to his best, Marveaux looks good, Tiote has struggled but getting back into form, Anita and Perch were superb in Russia, we’ve got Hatem on his way back and all of a sudden the garden is looking rosy again and that performance in Russia last Thursday was a watershed for me…I thought we were superb.

Pardew has thankfully abandoned his 4-4-2 with Sissoko playing the withdrawn No 10 role, so we’re playing the much better 4-5-1 system morphing into the 4-4-1-1 / 4-4-2 formation when attacking, which means we’re no longer being over-ran in the middle of the park which has been our Achilles heel all year.

The squad is now so strong and the players of such a calibre and with so much experience, they could in my opinion win most games in the Premiership by simply being left to their own devices under the on-pitch guidance of Captain Cabaye.  Glib as that may be, I believe the squad is now at a higher level than the manager.

We certainly won’t go down and the acquisition of one more defender, a good striker and a replacement for Tiote will pretty much complete the squad and no doubt we’ll do much better next year…but I still can’t help but feel we’ll only really kick on and compete at the next level when/if we recruit a manager from that next level. Which as most of you have already pointed out to me on numerous occasions, will never happen whilst Ashley owns the club, because what manager of any note would ever work for Ashley and it’s a point well taken.

Well here’s the good news, Ashley is looking to sell the club this summer and that thank god means I just might get my wish anyway, watch this space!

My predictions for the next few matches, the squad is now so good we’ll win all three despite Pardew!

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  • JabbaTheToon

    “Ashley is looking to sell the club this summer” source?

  • Mark Roberts – village idiot. It has been noticable that there have been no negative articles since our recent run in the League and EL started. Then you print the drivel above. Its as if you want the team to fail. Why don’t you crawl back under the stone from where you came from. I doubt you are even an United supporter. When most United fans are looking at booking trips to Amsterdam you are attacking Pardew. You really do take the biscuit. Enjoy the SOS on Sunday.

    • Mark Roberts

      hahahahaha lol…like your style…2 ‘o’ levels to your name and you think that entitles you to insult people simply because they have a different opinion to yours…good blogging John…just about sums you up really.

  • are you a mackem? please never publish anything from this idiot again it only spoils peoples opinion of the mag.

    • Mark Roberts

      so you’re basically advocating censorship of anything you don’t agree with… makes you wonder why we bother with forums and blogs at all.

  • disqus_Pw9hBVWSsb

    Don’t agree with the overall narrative of this piece. How do good managers become great managers? they are allowed to work and build a team. Pardew has now built maybe 75% of his NUFC team and bar half a season that was decimated by injuries and European involvement Pardew has really impressed me. Rememmber this is Pardew’s 1st European experience, there have been mistakes but who’s to say he wont learn from them??

    Your sentence…”recent results have certainly given him a stay of execution, one that many have said he deserved based on his credible performance of last year.”

    “A stay of execution”?? He wasn’t even nearly in danger of the sack.
    “credible performance of last year”… I’m guessing you simply forgot the ‘in’ off the start of credible!

    The only real issue I have had with Pardew was the way he handled the Ba scenario last summer, it contributed to the poor 1st half of the season and he never really sorted out the situation for the good of the team until Ba left, but maybe he had to convince Ba to stay last summer because he knew we weren’t getting anybody in…? Who knows, but getting rid of Pardew will not get us anywhere in the short term, the players like him, and the club is stable! for once the club is stable!…and all u want is for it to be ripped up?? He needs at least all of next season to be properly judged but even then that judgement will depend on the water that flows under the bridge between now and then.

  • What complete and utter c*ck. We’re doing well in the EL – got further than the so called big boys from Anfield, and must be in with one hell of a chance on thursday against one of the favourites to win the competition – our league form is improving now the injury crisis is subsiding and MA has splashed the cash to bring in the likes of sissoko, the players look happy on the pitch…yet you sit there and type this drivel? AP has made mistakes, yes….Obertan shouldnt be at the club, and neither should Williamson…but he’s doing a much better job than any manager we’ve had since the great Sir Bobby Robson. Either get behind AP, or go back to supporting Man Utd.

    • Mark Roberts

      aaaaahh…i get it…there’s only one opinion that count’s and it’s yours!

      Strange that…I didn’t realise the toon had gone communist and didn’t realise there aren’t any better managers than Pardew out there…maybe I’m living in a parallel universe where the toon weren’t fourth bottom before Ashley realised we were sunk and had to spend 17 million to keep us up. If Ashley had had complete misguided faith in pardew like you do, then he wouldn’t have spent all that money would he?

  • LoonyTOON1987

    If that were true about Ashley selling the club, you’d have thrown a source in that to verify. You’ve clearly seen the twitter rumours that the rest of us have seen, and taken that as your source. Lazy writing and poor substance to it. Sorry but don’t agree with you at all.
    I don’t believe Cisse has improved that much, Tiote has become a liability in my eyes, and Marveaux is erratic.
    I know everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but where is your argument about Pardew? It’s none existent. Just speculation. In fact, your small analysis of our formations etc actually shows some skill from him. Wise up, read up on the game, and next time write an argument that MAY make the reader think a little more.

    • Mark Roberts

      Where’s my argument about pardew??? How about taking the same team who got to 5th last year to 4th from bottom this year until Ashleys backside twitched to such an extent he spent 17 million to make sure we stay up. If Ashley really had all that much faith in pardew what do you think made him spend so much money because if he was as good as you say he is why spend the money at all?
      Methinks had had no belief whatsoever that we’d stay up and who can blame him after that Reading debacle so he had no choice but to bring in 5 quality players that would pretty much guarantee our survival and very thankfully it has.

      • LoonyTOON1987

        Okay, have you taken into consideration the lack of summer recruits, the extra games, the injuries to the thin squad at the time, the incredibly high standards we set after our 5th position finish last season?
        Ashley didn’t spend in summer because Newcastle is a business to him. In his mind, he invested in what ‘he’ thought Pardew needed, as well as looking back at a squad that finished 5th.
        Ashley only went and invested because he saw the danger of the drop, and the increase in tv revenue for premiership clubs. Do you actually believe what you’re writing? Faith and spending are not linked at all! If there was no faith in Pardew, he would have sacked him. Simple.
        Also you’re missing the fact that Pardew has something to do with the new recruits. He doesn’t just get introduced to new signings once Ashley decides, and he has to integrate them into our existing squad. I didn’t think Pardew would honestly play them straight away. Sissoko didn’t play as advanced a role at his last club, PARDEW. The decision to throw Gouffran straight in at LW and move Jonas, PARDEW. Debuchy straight into defence? PARDEW.

        Have another try.

        • Mark Roberts

          You’re obviously a Pardew love child. lack of summer recruits and the fact we didn’t sell anyone means we had the same squad as last year therefore why such a poor showing this year (please don’t embarrass yourself and blame injuries and Europe because he didn’t play first teamers in Europe unless domestically banned or coming back from injury).

          Your second paragraph is bang on the money

          Your third paragraph is bang on the money…we were heading to oblivion under the stewardship of pardew with the same squad as last year and Ashley saw he had no choice but to invest in the squad and buy our way out of relegation irrespective of how bad pardew is. He couldn’t sack Pardew in January because no-one would have come to the club in that situation. If you were a good player would you have moved to Newcastle if they were fourth from bottom and manager less???

          Your last paragraph is a real doozy and you were obviously running out of ideas…yes he put sissoko in an advanced role which even I gave him credit for…Gouffran is playing the exact same role he played for his old club and so is Debuchy…WHERE THE HELL ELSE WOULD YOU PLAY THEM???

  • AndyMac

    IAhem I think its you who needs to find somewhere to crawl under Mr Regan as you clealry cannot resort to an alternative argument without abusing people ? Mark is spot on when he asks if we’re winning despite Pardwho’s tactics and team selections not because of them. We were heading towards oblivion with a side that had lost confidence in their employers and the manager’s ability to manage and motivate a team to win matches. Just in case your memory had failed you Johnny boy, we were bottom of the Form Guide with 4 point from 8 games played before the Villa game plus the annual embarrassment of an early Cup exit..

    If, as you seem to imply, you’re a fan of the Clueless One maybe you could provide the answer to this question. Pardwho’s teams lacked confidence as a team and were unable to play anything like attractive football even when Demba Ba was in the side ? So how has Pardwho turned this around when he couldnt get eleven men on the pitch playing for one another let alone winning regularly ?

    Just like last season, it was the players who wanted it most and when they saw the cavalry arriving they bucked up their ideas and got moving. Nowt to do with Pardwho who, at best, is left to organising the social side of team affairs and let the players get on with it ?

    • Heaton Mick

      So you’re saying is that all the good results last season were all down the players, the current winning spell is just because the players ‘want it’ but the bad spell either side of Christmas was all down to Pardew?

      We also played reasonably attractive football last season when Ba was in the team, so why wasn’t that down to Pardew?

      Ashley is hardly a benevolent employer and I find it hard to believe he’d still be employing if all he did was organise social events.

      • AndyMac

        If you read what I wrote propoerly, last season wasnt down to Pardwho (despite the vast majority of the media getting sucked into the MOTY awards). It was all about an influx of quality players, Cabaye, Ba, Marveaux giving the existing squad confidence to go on an 11 match unbeaten run (thanks to avoiding any of the top four until November) and which was further bolstered by the arrival of Cisse in January.

        Fast forward to this season and the same feelgood factor wasnt there mainly because of the lack of recruitments in the summer which lead to low morale in the squad. However if Pardwho was the manager you lot seem to think he is then, injuries permitting (btw we had Cabaye and HBA in the team when we lost to West Ham and HBA was in against Swansea as well), he’d have managed to get them playing like he did so miraculously last season wouldnt he ?

        I note Marveaux’s quote from Sunday “The scenario of the game was good for us. We showed that we can be resilient, and that we don’t give up. We were in trouble after the penalty, but we found solutions”

        No mention of Pardwho in that ?

        • Mal

          ‘Fast forward to this season and the same feelgood factor wasnt there mainly because of the lack of recruitments in the summer which lead to low morale in the squad’.

          Exactly, but I think the blame for this has to be placed on MA and DL. This lack of investment, the injuries and the additional European games meant that Pardew had an almost impossible task in managing that situation. The argument that last season’s performance and the recent improvement has nothing whatsoever to do with the manager is in my view a difficult one to sustain. I don’t even know why we’re having the argument – I’d much rather concentrate on Thursday and the possibilities for the rest of the season.

          • AndyMac

            Mal you cant have it both ways. Either Pardwho was responsible for guiding us to 5th place last season but not capable of keeping our arses out of the bottom five this season or the players were mainly responsible for both sets of circumstances and Pardwho is the bloke who picks up a decent wedge because he’s friends with our idiot MD ?

            BTW I’m looking forward to Thursday – who wouldnt be? Our only remaining chance of silverware but if we go out our season is done :-(

        • hoglan

          “No mention of Pardwho in that ?”

          Who brought Marveaux on?

          • AndyMac

            Soz didnt realise this thread still had “legs” ! Hoglan says”Who brought Marveaux on?” AndyMac says “and where did he play him ? Deep lying midfield when everyone knows Marv is an attacking mf, ideally just behind the striker.”

            Thats why, even when he chooses the XI, I dont trust him to play them in their best roles !

  • To be fair to pardew his substitutions at the weekend got us the win. No one seems to mention the subs he makes to win game, only those that he makes then we go on to lose a la reading. The first half of the season we were ravaged by injuries and top players from last season such as tiote and even cabaye were severely under performing. Give the guy some credit. Could even win us a trophy…

  • Modernist

    Utter twaddle!

    • Mark Roberts

      any bit in particular or all of it?

  • Mal

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I just cannot understand why a supporter wants to write an article such as this at the current time. I have to say I have enjoyed the few weeks break from the (almost) daily articles from you Mark stating that we should sack the manager. If you take your argument to its conclusion then presumably Man U can get rid of Ferguson and just leave the players to do their stuff.

  • Mark

    This article is utter nonsense.
    The Mag really needs to screen what goes on this website. You can’t blame
    Pardew for poor performances and then not give him credit when things start to
    improve. Pardew has been guilty at times this season of trying to defend one
    goal leads when our defense clearly wasn’t capable of doing so but, as the
    author points out, Sissoko has been a revelation in a more advanced role since
    his arrival. The team’s formation and tactics can only be attributed to the
    manager so you have to give Pardew credit for this. I would also like to point
    out there is no basis to the statement that Mike Ashley is looking to sell so I
    fully expect Pardew to have another season in charge come September. Our poor
    form for large parts of the season had been heavily influenced by injuries to
    key players which unless you lay the blame with the S&C coaches is very
    unlucky. The attack on the so called “purple” model is also very weak. Most
    squads in the premier league are comparable to our own in terms of talent, West
    Brom are a good example of this. They have a pretty decent first 11 (although
    not as strong as our own) and have avoided injury as we did last year and as a
    result find themselves in the top half. If you take Lukaku, Odemwingie, Brunt
    and Mulumbu out of their squad for large parts of the season they would
    certainly be below Newcastle.

  • Scott

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however this is just nonsence. Who would you rather have as manager, Redknapp??? A revolution will come, but without a sheiks billions we must take it a season at a time, WITH Pardew in charge. Right man for the job for the next 5-10 years.

    • AndyMac

      Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. All I would say is what has Pardwho ever done in his playing or management career to warrant such optimism ? He’s been sacked from his three previous clubs with only an FA Cup Final appearance as his high point. Unless the Fatman and Carr magically back him with so much talent that even he cant fail to win games – IMHO we’ll never win a trophy with him in charge.

      • disqus_Pw9hBVWSsb

        his high point is an FA Cup Final? would his high point not be leading us to 5th in the league last season??

      • Scott

        Want to post more but boss looking over my shoulder!I have 2 questions for you:Who would you rather have in charge? Do you think they would come to the club?

        • hoglan

          I’d like to see this answered. The best Mark Roberts has came up with thus far is Laudrup, Clarke and Martinez.

          • Mark Roberts

            Who knows who will be available in the summer. All three mentioned above are in my opinion better than Pardew but if not in your opinion then why not wait til the summer to see who’s around. Do you not ever wonder what a good manager could do with the squad we have now???

          • Mal

            But surely Mark you have to give Pardew a chance to see what he can do with this squad. He’s only had them a few weeks. If you blame Pardew as being solely responsible for our league position, which you seem to do, how come you recommend Martinez – on your basis he doesn’t qualify. I give you credit for always starting off a good discussion but I do have the feeling that you would rather the team failed in order to prove your point.

          • Mark Roberts

            Last thing I want is the team to fail and that’s why I’ll be making the 200 mile round trip yet again to support the team tonite.

            Martinez hasn’t got a squad anywhere near as good as ours and I think he’s worked miracles for the last 4 years keeping them up for sure but that’s an old argument and well worn now.

            I don’t want the team to fail but I think we’ll continue to disappoint with Pardew at the helm. I think we’ve got a hell of a squad now that deserves a better manager but yes more than happy to see what he does til the end of the season. All I ever do with my blogs is ask questions and see what people think and I appreciate all responses so long as they don’t get personal which unfortunately many are but hey…all part of life’s rich tapestry!

            Let’s get tonite out the way and move on from there.

            Onwards and upwards HOWAY THE TOON!

          • AndyMac

            hoglan “I’d like to see this answered. The best Mark Roberts has came up with thus far is Laudrup, Clarke and Martinez”

            Sorry hoglan are you trying to tell the world that Pardwho is better than Laudrup, Martinez, Blanc or even Di Canio ? Are you Pardwho’s Mum by any chance ?

    • Mark Roberts

      so what you’re saying is a revolution will come but we have to put up with Pardew til it happens???…how about considering an interim step in the right direction and appoint a manager who is worthy of managing such a great squad until the revolution comes.

  • “Pardew had steered the club towards oblivion”

    You’re clearly an idiot.

    • Mark Roberts

      sorry Michael…must be me operating in my parallel universe again…if it wasn’t Pardew who took us to fourth bottom who was it

  • I suspect Mark Roberts and AndyMac are the same person. In the past, Mark Roberts would respond to every comment the way AndyMac has with this article. Every other person responding has disagreed with the article.
    This is the most optimistic I have felt in a long way. I thought the performance in Moscow was a superb tactical masterstroke by Pardew. If we can finish the job on Thursday (big IF) then who knows what this season will bring.
    The negativity by Mark Roberts (AndyMac) is appalling. He is obviously cheesed off with the job Pardew is doing and would rather we faced relegation to be proved right for the drivel in the previous anti-Pardew articles as well as this one.
    Pardew is doing a fantastic job and we now have a team and squad which can cause most teams problems.

    • Mal

      ‘I suspect Mark Roberts and AndyMac are the same person’

      A very interesting theory which does make sense.

  • Been thinking of writing an article with regards to the manager since the up turn in form. Not to doubt Alan Pardew’s worthiness for the job but more along the lines of how much difference a manager actually makes. What I mean by this is would it have mattered who was in charge this season because in my opinion most things that have happened this season have been outside of any managers control. In reality what has happened from November onwards is top quality players were injured or suspended, replacements were not as good as people believed they were which resulted in the bad run we went on. We then realized the situation we were in and went and bought some top class players in the Jan window which resulted in the up turn in results we are seeing now. My point is anybody could see what was needed, me you or AP it makes no difference. In my opinion until you get the players in to challenge for top honours the manager makes very little difference unless he is a Cloughie who took average players and made them into winning teams.

  • Seriously, we have an article here that suggests a team could play well without a manager because the players are great and the captain can lead them? Is The Mag a source of credible opinion or a free for all for illogical nonsense.

    This article is based on the premise there is no professionalism in football and when we play well it’s just like they’ve enjoyed it like a knockabout in the park. Might as well put Opta out of business with that logic.

    • Mark Roberts

      didn’t realise it was your job to ascertain what is and isn’t credible. If you had half a brain you would understand the comment was designed to put forward my belief that the squad we have now deserves to be managed by a better manager because in my opinion Pardew is out of his depth.

      • Mark, your suggestion your comment was ‘glib’ is at odds with the general tone which seemed to mock Pardew’s ability and anyone who had faith in him, Nowhere do you give him or his supporters credit, you are certain he is out of his depth,
        I think the sentiment of the responses here that criticise your article are angered simply because we seem to have stability and Pardew has earned (through 5th place finish and good backroom and on pitch teams) the right to prove your argument right or wrong over more than a few months of an injury ravaged/high game frequency season. If you write ‘Pardew is leading us to oblivion’ you will lose credibility among most fans. Most fans don’t want to read comments that are so emotionally loaded and not logical when countered against fifth place finishes and performances like the one at Old Trafford on Boxing Day, when there were no new signings and injures yet a stirring performance. Is that oblivion?
        As for my half a brain, Mark, I will use it to suggest that if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. To write undermining Pardew when the team is performing well is unlikely to gain favour with everyone, and will arouse passionate responses. Grow a thicker skin, or tone down emotionally loaded phrases, and you will find people respond less emotionally.

  • TheDawg

    I must admit i’m not totally convinced Pardew is a top top manager, i find myself often wondering why certain players get games (messeurs Guitierrez, Tiote and to some degree Cisse spring to mind) in ignorance of their performance, or lack of, over several weeks/months. BUT despite this i think you have to look at the facts, he took over at very difficult time, the fans didn’t want him and we had a naive transfer policy. Despite this we qualified for Europe in his first full season, and this season were still battling in the Europa League. I don’t think we can blame Pardew for the injuries or the lack of signings, although i admit i was disappointed by the lack of fight we had when the chips were down earlier in the season. So i back him and lets see where it takes us…oh and please please can we work on corners in training :P

  • Mark Roberts

    It never fails to amaze me how the written word can be so misconstrued
    based on the prevailing bias for or against the author.

    I don’t like Pardew and I don’t think he’s good enough to manage such a
    great squad of players such as those we have at the toon right now.
    All I ever think about when watching the lads is what could a
    good manager do with such a great squad of players and being a
    die-hard Geordie I’m entitle to dream.

    For the avoidance of doubt I’ll now try to summarize what I said
    yesterday and matbe you can then then all comment on whether or not
    you think I’m right or wrong

    I said I think Ashley and Lambias are a pair of cockney to$$ers who
    are so footballing niaeve and misguided they honestly thought they
    could revolutionise Premiership football with their pathetic purple
    player acquisition model. I went on to say the purple player thing
    back fired resulting in Ashley having to spend 17 million in January.
    Right or wrong?

    I said Carr is a great scout. Right or Wrong?

    I said Ashley only spent the money because Pardew had lead us to a
    fourth from bottom slot and this put in serious jeopardy his
    significant investment in the club and his ability to benefit from
    the serious cash to be derived from the new TV deal coming into play
    next year. Right or wrong?

    I praised Pardew for dropping the 4-4-2 formation at long last and
    for putting Sissoko in the hole. Right or Wrong?

    I commented on how good the squad is, how certain players are now
    coming back into form and on those coming back from injury. Right or

    I then glibly suggested (and I did say it was a glib comment at the
    time) that the squad is now that good it could beat most premiership
    clubs standing on it’s head and without any input from Pardew. Are
    these seriously the words of a mackem or Man U fan!

    I said the win in Russia was a turning point for me and I forecasted
    before the Stoke game we would stay up and win the next three games.
    Maybe not a mackem then!

    I suggested the squad was so good now that it deserved to managed by
    a better manager which I didn’t realise at the time of writing was a
    hanging offence.

    I commented on the fact I’ve heard Ashley has been getting all his
    pegs in place to sell the club in the summer. Why not wait til the
    summer before you call for my public castration after adding the
    ultimate insult of painting me in red and white stripes and hanging
    me outside the three bulls knackers.

    Gentlemen…you will never stop me voicing my opinion on these blogs and I sincerely hope your venom never dries up

    • A positive response. I think Pardew is an average, but well meaning manager, who
      is tactically naïve and prone to waffle in the media. I think he is subject to inexplicable and bizarre decisions at times. Moreover, I believe that our present resurgence is due very much to the quality of the squad assembled at the recommendations of our scout Carr. I will back Pardew as our manager even though his match tactics have one’s heart in one’s mouth at times. OK, he is no Joe Harvey, no Kevin Keegan, and he cannot call on Gazza, Tino, Allchurch, Shearer, Waddle and Beardsley etc etc. but he has us the fans and time he listened more.

    • AndyMac

      Point 10. I am not AndyMac either :-)

  • A 5th placed finish narrowly mising out on 4th(which turned out to be a narrow escape from crushing diapointment in itself). Navigating The Europa League and the Premier League with a small squad and a raft of injuries in the 1st half of the season the kind of thing that has seen many a club sink without trace we didn’t. It wasnt all perfect it was looking to close for comfort to the relegation zone not so long ago and the domestic cups suffered. At the same time some of those youngsters who where handed a chance at Brighton for whatever reason need to take a look at themselves, because none of them looked like they had any desire to push the first teamers that afternoon, the blame doesnt lie entirely with the manager. Now we have our reinforcements and players back we are moving up the league nicely, still in with a shout of silverware and have had a positive sign from the owner no matter what you think of him that he will not be letting this club slip out of the premier league on his watch again without trying to do anything about it. In traditional terms this club should be able to push for titles etc everyhting there stadium support infasturcture history as it has done in the past untill the late 60’s Final apperances and trophies came along fairly regularly and we stand comfortably in the top 10 of English clubs by trophies won. The playing fields been moved we are not a mega global corporation like Manchester United (thank god) and nor are we owned by someone with a botomless of money I believe we are on course to compete well with what we have and see no reason why cant cant break the top 4 or at least be regular top 6 finishers it’ll take a bit more time than if you can go and buy anyone you like and discard the ones you dont need every time your looking to move up a gear like some sort of real life video game.

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    To be frank we were awful against Stoke and flattered by the Soton result. To much punting it foward and poor ball retention; makes no sense with the players we have.