Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United - Premier LeagueEven though Newcastle United have enjoyed a month or so of mainly gushing headlines about the French revolution and the style of football in recent games, you just know it is only a question of time before the press will be sticking the knife in again.

Yesterday’s match at Swansea led to the aptly named ‘Harry Pratt’ writing the following comments in his ‘report’, appearing on both the Daily Star and Express websites;

‘If you can’t beat them, kick them. That was Newcastle United’s motto at Swansea yesterday.

Luckily for those who like the beautiful game, the below the belt dirty approach of Alan Pardew’s strugglers only worked for 86 minutes.

If you think it was harsh on the Geordies, it was not.

Booting your silky, skilful opponents at every opportunity, as they did throughout the first half, was unnecessary.

The 2nd half was a far more even contest and Papiss Cisse been anywhere near his best, Newcastle would have taken an unlikely lead.

With both sides ready to settle for the draw, Moore came off the bench to grab his first goal since late August’.

Whether Harry has previously been to Newcastle and got knocked back in the Bigg Market, or whether he is just going for a bit of attention seeking, the end result is the same.

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While Alan Pardew clearly told his players to wake up in the first half and get tight on Swansea, it wasn’t exactly the carnage Pratt is describing. United picked up two bookings and one of those was for high feet by Tiote and he didn’t even make any contact.

Those bookings for Tiote and Cabaye in quick succession led to a series of dubious cheap free-kicks as an inexperienced ref allowed himself to be conned by a lightweight Swansea midfield. In fact the worst challenge of the match was by Nathan Dyer and he only got a talking to.

A foul count of Newcastle’s 17 to their 9 was distorted by the home side’s players easily going down but where Pratt does a total disservice is in not recognising Newcastle’s second half domination.

Newcastle were easily as dominant in the second period as Swansea had been in the first, with the bonus of putting at least half a dozen decent chances on top of controlling the ball.

A final shot count of 14 to Swansea’s 10 tells you the true picture.

One good thing though, when the press start having a go at us then you know that Newcastle United are on the way back!



  • Agieas

    what an idiot this bloke is Swansea players were a bunch of softies, admittedly they were some extremely poor tackles from the Toon but nathan dyer and that other player which i cant remember were shouting arrr awww, arr oww! and replays showed their was barely any contact which is sad that they were more focused on getting one of our players sent off so they had the advantage, pathetic approach. This writer is obviously a
    delusional guy who has a soft spot for Swansea cause as a Geordie i actually thought overall we were two well matched teams

  • match of the day portrayed the game as quite even and probably slightly better for Swansea, they failed completely to show how dominant we were in terms of possession. Then again, thats what you get when you’re not man ure chelsea arsensl spurs or they bin dippers.

    • Steve, Swansea had 63.1% of the possession according to OPTA, so it’s pretty hard to argue that we were dominant in that area!

      • Glyn Wade

        The possession Swansea have normally revolves around meaningless passes around the centre circle and in their own half. I went last year at SJP (0-0) and they wasted time from the first minute till the last. Teams who play like them need to be put under pressure. We concede yellow cards every game so whats the big deal about booting that lot? Are they special and cant be touched like Arsenal? I seem to remember Ginola, Shearer, Beardsley getting booted upside down every week but i suppose thats ok cos its NUFC. Footy is a tough game. I dont care what the media think of us – they dont support NUFC so they dont matter. HTL

      • themagonline

        The stats used in the article were from BBC Sport who had Newcastle 14 to 10 in terms of shots.
        FYI – they also had Swansea down as 57% possession to 43%, with 7 shots on target each and 7 corners each as well.

      • Phil Kennedy

        I suggest you try reading some of the many attacks on us from Mick Dennis for example.
        Another example, during the 2009 relegation, the press wallowed in attacks on Newcastle – team, fans and even the bloody CITY FGS. Villa fans, not being the brightest, took it all and got quite hysterical that day, ranting at Newcastl;e fans and QUOTING the press. (The ridiculous “deluded” jibes – a Mick Dennis special, taken up by many others in media, for example and the Keegan “messiah, another from the press writers, NOT Newcastle fans)
        Well – Villa are in a similar mess now.
        Are they getting the same treatment as we got ?
        NO they are NOT.
        “Pathetic crybabies” ? You’re as much a “Newcastle fan” as I’m a visiting extra-terrestrial, I suspect
        It’s what comes of doing what the Villa fans do – LET THE PRESS DO YOUR THINKING FOR YOU

  • Dai

    I was at the Liberty yesterday and the article you are criticizing was right on the money. The Toon’s policy of spoiling our passing rhythm by kicking our players up in the air very nearly worked – but not quite. Indeed how a team that cleared three off the line and survived a strong penalty shout, think they deserved to win is beyond me. The Toon’s lack of class was illustrated by Pardew’s attempt to intimidate the diminutive Leon Britton in the tunnel at half time.


      three off the line? I remember Taylor off the line…. what were the other two? In all honesty, we could have been 3 down in those first 15 minutes but I think terms like bully boy tactics and kicking them all over the park are unfair – we just stopped letting you play, which is the only reason we were being overrun, because we were just watching you play. Cabaye got booked for far less than the challenge that Dyer got away with. And the scream he let out when Cabaye hit him led me to believe he’d just ended his career, but 1 minute later he’s up and about – ready to dish out twice the punishment. Hypocrites.

    • Phil Kennedy

      Your players didn’t need any help in going flying. The repulsive Dyer for instance, was throwing himself to the ground and squealing like a girl if a Newcastle player came near.

      Your ballboys are cheats. The ONLY cheating ballboys in Britain.

      I can see they learned it off your bloody PLAYERS

      • Dai

        Let us just say you did not win many friends in South Wales – probably the dirtiest team we have seen at the Liberty this season (Ramires of Chelsea is your main rival). Vacuous twaddle from sour losers (twice).