Fulham v Newcastle United - Premier LeagueOne player who divides the fans is Jonas Gutierrez; is he a tireless unselfish worker for the team who never gives less than 100%, or a plodder who can’t cross a ball to save his life?

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After the Chelsea match, Alan Pardew singled out Jonas for a special mention when speaking to the Evening Chronicle;

“Jonas answered a few critics, he was fabulous against Chelsea. Everyone gets a lift when new players come in (unless they take your place!) and Jonas is a great example of that.

He’s a good player who has been running on empty and has lacked confidence and belief due to the team not been strong enough.

When you bring new players in it is only right you give him his chance and say ‘Come on, we’ve got a proper team now, come and show your true form’.

Against Chelsea he did that and I’m very proud of him”.

Layout 1I think there’s no doubt that Gutierrez has been poor this season but he has hardly been alone in that. In any team it is essential you have your really gifted flair players such as Cabaye and Ben Arfa but just as important is that you have your worker ants/water carriers, like Jonas.

Down the years the likes of Manchester United and others have had grafters to complement their real stars, in a lesser team the worker ants will still be exactly that but even the best teams they need them.

The trouble is that when your team is struggling for flair, workers like Jonas can still be busy but just end up running into dead ends, especially this season as Newcastle have missed the likes of Ben Arfa and Cabaye, while generally the squad players called into the team have been woeful. Plus of course the lack of movement of some of our players has been embarrassing, especially seeing the energy and workrate of players like Sissoko and Gouffran.

Jonas will run and run but he desperately needs others to create situations for him and of course he really comes into his own in covering the pitch to cover the flair players when they are creating their magic.

I was as amazed as anybody when he appeared from nowhere…like a superhero, to soar above John Terry for that crucial first goal. However, he got on  the end of a brilliant Santon class and Jonas had the opportunity to get into that position thanks to the quality of Newcastle unsettling the blues on the day.

This worker ant still has a lot to offer.

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  • jonas is very important to us

  • Worjackie

    Jonas, Jonas Jonas. Here’s my opinion for what it’s worth. Lets take that last 4 games as an example, and to reiterate your point a little. While Cabaye, Ben Arfa and Sissoko are in the team and performing he (Jonas) looks like a player, here there and everywhere, a tackle here, a little dink of a through ball here, a surging run into the box. His contribution to the game is undeniable at times. However lets look at the Norwich and Reading games, I know Cabaye was playing at Reading but really only just coming back. We had so called squad players in the team. Jonas was left to be the senior influential player on the field, the captain the man to lead. I did not see much evidence of this during these games. Which leaves me and obviously quite a lot people very frustrated that he can’t take on this mantle. Is he a squad player, it remains to be seen who could do his job and maintain his work rate when he’s not fit. I think we might miss him if and when he moves on.

  • BenarfahalfwaywondergoalS

    I always have a soft spot for a player that gives 100 %, and there are few in the division, let alone the squad, who work harder than Jonas. But that final ball into the box…come on. This is the PREMIER division, when you have time and space, as he so often did on the weekend when we broke quickly, the bare minimum is to beat the first man and put the ball into the danger area. All too often the first man cleared it off his boot laces when there was Cisse and others making fantastic runs to the six yard box and far post.
    This is not a witch hunt, I still think Jonas has a place in our team. But Marveaux has looked very impressive, and creatively dangerous in his rather limited game time. When all have returned to fitness I think he will, and rightly so in my opinion, be moved to the bench.

    • Glyn Wade

      I think Jonas is a top player and we owe him for what he has given us over the years. One thing i don’t know is which footed is he? He seems to play with either but i think he is right footed. Top bloke though and a loyal servant to the cause.

  • hoglan

    Couple of points on Jonas.

    He’s missed Enrique, the pair of them surging forward was usually very effective. Santon is a fine player, but he doesn’t have the partnership with Jonas yet.

    Lack of competition, when Ben Arfa introduced himself with his strike against Everton Jonas was on the bench, a game or two later when Jonas started there was a marked improvement.

    When Marveaux and Ben Arfa are fully fit Pardew has some interesting decisions to make. Marveaux and Ben Arfa have more skill and end product, Jonas has the experience and work rate. Genuine competition for places could bring the best out in all three.

  • Steven P

    In answer to the question – he’s both I think.

    Great work ethic and commitment, useful in games when we have to work hard, absorb pressure, win smart free kicks etc. Less useful at stretching/pressuring the opposition and well his crossing ability is woeful.

    Still I think he’s a good player for the squad and when the situation suits. I also agree that he’s missed Enrique and will hopefully improve as the understanding with santon develops.

  • He’s probably my favourite player. His work ethic is unmatched and he is clearly passionate about our club. He has done whatever is asked of him. I believe he was originally a right winger (?) and when he came to Newcastle he started on the left wing. He was then molded into a central midfielder, and still continued to work hard. I understand that’s what a professional does and should not be seen as anything special, but we’ve seen plenty of times in the past that that is not how it happens.

    I love Jonas and want him starting every single week.

  • nicktoon

    He never loses the ball.