SJP2Judge for yourself when you watch this footage but in my opinion, a section of Newcastle fans were an absolute disgrace last night at the FC Metalist match.

With rights come responsibilities and there was a great idea to get all the ‘singers’ congregating in the East Stand/Gallowgate corner to generate some atmosphere.

For the most part this worked, particularly taking into account a desperately disappointing thirty thousand crowd overall.

As always though it only takes a handful to spoil it for everybody else and now I’m afraid Newcastle United are sure to look dimly in terms of supporting any such ‘singing section’ again.

A few people lit flares and while it can look spectacular and is common place abroad, the simple fact is that Newcastle United will be punished for it.

We’re all losers in the long run. Geordie boys taking the p*** indeed.

Watch this exclusive video footage and you decide.
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  • Simon

    Was a weird atmosphere and unplesant for young families taking the oppotunity to bring kids to their first match.

    Hopefully this was just the chavs that can only afford the lower ticket prices. The rest of their benefits being thrown at bottles of Diamond White and making up the difference by collecting “20 pence for tha bus like” from unsuspecting old folk.

    • Premature

      The same could be said about the cheapskate parents taking their kids to their first match. Bit hypocritical eh Si? They could have sat almost anywhere else, most people know that they young uns in the strawberry corner are trying to create a decent atmosphere, as it is spoiled by cheapskates like you taking you kids into the corner, and complaining about those around. I bet you hate standing as well. Did you tell the police when someone swore too? I bet you’re a right barrel of laughs.

      • I too am stunned at the negative reaction, I have seen Sparta Prague v Fiorentina one night and they need to have nets up over the mad home section – its hostile and a cracking atmosphere that everybody loves, Then Fiorentina let off a load of flares – a stunning spectacle. I have been to Rome and Milan to see Serie A games and they always let the flares off 15 mons before the game to give the smoke time to clear before KO as there are so many flares – again brilliant visually and for atmosphere. They even have ‘ballboys’ with long poled nets to collect the flares when they are thrown forward.

  • pomme de terre

    I blame soccer am

  • Daniel Gordon

    Very hypocritical of ‘The Mag’ saying those responsible for last nights actions are a ‘disgrace’. There have been endless articles on this very website admiring the way German fans are allowed to support their teams in the bundesliga, and the minute some Newcastles fans try and do something similar with flares and smoke bombs they are hung, drawn and quartered.

    Anyone who was in attendance last night would have noticed the atmosphere enhanced by the actions of The Corner in the 2nd half, what subsequently transferred on to the pitch where the raise in the stands almost got us in the lead.

    Smoke bombs and flares don’t harm anyone if handled correctly and to my knowledge there wasn’t any injuries to fans last night. People need to get off there high horse and accept what it is. Visual Support.

    • themagonline

      Just to explain again, dozens of people write for The Mag website and magazine. There is no editorial line, articles aren’t chosen because one person agrees with them all.
      The views are those of the author only and the only editorial control is that of not publishing offensive material, otherwise we welcome all points of view.
      Anybody interested – [email protected]

      • Premature

        Aye I’d like an article with the chance to say ‘exclusive video special jim robertson needs to loosen up’. Who does he think he is? Sitting in silence watching the young lads enjoy themselves and try and create an atmosphere. Why didn’t you go over and show them how to do it properly eh big man? Instead of coming on the internet and crying about it, why not DO something about it? Oh no they set off a smoke bomb? Aww did it smell a bit? I don’t remember the same consternation when Man City threw a smoke bomb down. I would recommend he goes nowhere in europe where there is a decent atmosphere as pyro is almost guaranteed to be there.

  • No pyro no party keep it casual!!

  • hoglan

    Were Man City fined or punished for chucking a flare into our supporters?

  • Liverpool,and both Manchester teams have taken up smoke bombs and flares in recent seasons and I have never heard of them being punished. If it was a premier league game(which the above mentioned regularIy set flares off) I could understand as it is not generally tolerated in English stadia as it is abroad. This was a UEFA compettion though so for UEFA to take action against Newcastle when the same was going on across the continent would not really be on.

    • Premature

      But this is Newcastle, we’re an ‘absolute disgrace’. So much overreaction because of a couple of smoke bombs and a flare. You would think they had killed someone. But the moaners don’t want any of this they want to sit in silence and enjoy the match, like it’s the theatre or something.

  • Wee Hughie

    As somebody who used to stand in the Gallowgate corner through the eighties and early nineties and seeing some of the stuff that went on in those days last night seems very tame to be honest.

  • glasshalfempty

    The atmosphere in the corner (specifically the secong half) was excellent noise wise. I’m pretty sure that NUFC did not embrace in any way, shape or form the singing section last night. It is only because people who want to enjoy and create an atmosphere can have more of an opportunity to do so at the cup games because the season ticket holders normally there suddenly disappear. I would normally be in that corner myself participating. However, I was in the platinum club seats (on Valentine’s duties and for a change of scenery) and had to put up with an irritating woman prodding me on the shoulder and telling me to sit down The fact that the referee was fannying about booking Sissoko after he was two-footed by their man and nothing was actually happening as the game had been stopped shows the state of some people who go these days. The comfy seat in the platinum club or singing and shouting in the corner – I know where I’d rather be!! (I’m 42 by the way).

  • David G

    I totally disagree with this article. As a group of supporters we should pride ourselves on generating an atmosphere. No one was hurt, it was a great spectacle and the noise that these young lads created was great amongst a disappointing crowd. If you want peace, quiet and nobody creating a spectacle go to the library. This is football, European football at that, and this is widespread on the continent. The success of many great teams is built upon their atmosphere and their ability to intimidate the opposition. I thought the Kharkiv fans were great last night too and I’m sure they will stop at nothing to back their team in the away leg. I totally agree with Wee Hughie….a lot worse went on in the Gallowgate 25 years ago. Football is becoming corporate and soulless so good on these lads for creating an atmosphere. Football is about passion not a sterile environment. If the club are fined then it is ridiculous and it will be peanuts in terms of our turnover. We have had 3 idiot streakers on the pitch lately…that is a problem. Not a group supporting their team. We are supposed to have great fans and if it wasnt for ‘the corner’ the ground would be like a morgue. If you want that from your football, good for you but I certainly dont.

  • To be fair the support they showed was first class. The noise was second to none and they not only inspired other sections of the crowd but the players as well, who were visibly lifted by the support.

  • StrawberryCorner

    Thank goodness the fans who actually want to create a good atmosphere inside St James’ have made it happen and ignored the tripe that some people (aka jim robertson) come out with. It’s about time the noise levels in St James were raised up to something we can actually call an atmosphere for once. I have a season ticket in the strawberry corner, and im absolutely chuffed that something was organised last night, as i’m sick of the boring, ageing old farts who do nothing but moan on premier league days. Sure, if you don’t want to stand up/ don’t want to sing / don’t want to support your team properly, then you should have that choice to sit in silence, but don’t criticise the fans that actually put some effort in.

    As for ‘wee hughie’, what exactly is your point? Maybe if you put as much effort as you do moaning about how good the old days were into something constructive i.e actually getting behind the team, then maybe it would be as good as those days?

    There’s plenty of Newcastle fans who love the idea of singing throughout the match (I for one) yet we are all separated / outpriced through no fault of our own. It’s absolutely fantastic that fans can get together for these type of games and do what we did last night. Let’s hope there’s more to come so we can irritate these moaning morons some more.

    • glasshalfempty

      not sure why you’re having a go at wee hughie like. I think he is supporting the atmosphere last night and pointing out he doesn’t know what all the fuss was about!!

    • Wee Hughie

      Maybe you should try and read what i say before you have a go,i was not moaning about anything,i was actually defending it.

  • take away the few kids / idiots and possibly yes the smoke bombs – it was still a cracking atmosphere – we need the singing section back!


  • Harryhhh

    Jim its a harmless flare, listen to that atmosphere. Grow a pair, this is exactly what we need, the toon army going wild. What is wrong with you JIm this should be congratulated…. i’m stunned by this negative reaction Jim.

  • Harryhhh

    How much did they pay you Jim to turn against your own people, what was your price?

  • StrawberryMag

    Are Jim and Simon for real? Unbelievable. Fair enough the Mag moderator has explained that there is no editorial line, but maybe articles should be scrutinized a little more before being published because this one is bordering on pathetic. Jim will have his reasons for following NUFC and attending games and I’d defend his right to have his say all day long but please make it constructive in the future. Just as Jim has the right to have his say, so do the rest of us and I’m so glad that majority of responses have been really positive with regard to the fantastic support in the corner. It’s exactly what we need and I hope this is just the start. It almost defies belief that someone would deplore fellow fans for supporting the team so well.

    As for the ‘desperately disappointing thirty thousand crowd’, have you ever thought that people might be more inclined to shell out for what are usually drab midweek affairs if there’s an opportunity to be part of something exciting in the corner, rather than sitting in silence next to a detractor like yourself?

    Simon, when you say the atmosphere was unpleasant, would you mind explaining how? I can only assume that you saw something that the rest of us missed. It’s hardly like the place is a seething cauldron of madness that’s unsuitable for kids. Our ground is big enough to accommodate everyone – families, young ones, the elderly and ‘singers’ alike. If anyone does not have a desire to be part of the atmosphere in the corner, just don’t sit in the corner. I can assure you that it definitely wasn’t ‘just the chavs that can only afford lower ticket prices’. It was a cross section of Newcastle United fans who simply want to create an atmosphere that will ultimately give the team on the pitch an advantage. Long may it continue.

    Strawberry Corner Forever!

  • anyobrien

    Jim your the reason football is finished for a fan in this country your the reason i get letters sent to my house because i stood up when we attacked the Leazes end and scored.Football is a passion and for me they were showing passion…Howay the lads if that’s ok like.