vurnonanita1The introduction of players such as Debuchy, Sissoko and Gouffran has reminded us all of the level of ability needed to compete in the Premier League.

They haven’t instantly solved all of United’s problems but in just a few matches they have shown an intensity and mobility to their play, that meant at last Newcastle could play at a tempo to give teams such as Chelsea and Spurs something to think about.

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The introduction of our January signings has led to our summer ‘Purple’ not even getting onto the pitch as a substitute in those three matches.

I’m not writing our Dutch signing off but while it is difficult not to look half decent when you are sharing the pitch with the likes of Obertan, Williamson and the Ameobi brothers, our new recruits have surely proved that Anita will need to step up another level if he is to get near the first eleven.

Whilst I have to accept that Obertan can run, if little else, the relative lack of mobility of Anita is surely a massive hindrance if he is to survive in the Premier League. Again, when you are on the pitch with Shola, Sammy and Williamson you are on pretty safe ground in terms of looking quite nippy!

With his diminutive size and comparative lack of pace, it looks a really hard call to see Anita making it, as without pace and/or strength you need to be something special in terms of ability.

Unfortunately, I think some of that Purple paint is starting to peel from Anita as we now see the players we should have signed last summer and who would have meant Newcastle would never have found themselves fifth from bottom.

  • Aab

    Too quick to judge, give the guy a break

    • hoglan

      Too rights. Enrique and Collocini struggled when they first came into the league. It took them a whole season to get up to speed, Anita took less than a dozen games.

      Way too many negative articles on this site!

  • blackiegray

    Anita slow? Have you actually seen him play?

  • BigJB147

    Earlier in the season he did stuggle to a degree but he was one of our better players over the winter months. He certainly isn’t slow or imobile and one problem he does have is being constantly switched around positions, especially after subs have been made, due to his versatility. I’d have him in ahead of Perch right now

  • Franklin P Balthazar

    Lack of pace? Seriously?!? Really makes a total joke of any argument you’re trying to make when basic facts are simply wrong. Joke.

  • Mal

    What a strange article. The fact he’s looked good playing in a poor team is surely a massive plus. He’ll be even better when he’s surrounded by top players and, as blackiegray indicates, you must have been watching the wrong player if you think he’s slow. What really puzzles me is, that with everything else going on and (despite saturday’s defeat) things looking a lot more positive somebody decides to write an article slating someone who was our mom on several occasions when we were rubbish. Very strange.

  • Anita was subject to the usual new boy syndrome when things werent going well, but during our bad run Anita was one of the better players who looked like he was up for the fight. But certain sections didnt want to criticise “ultras” favourite Jonas or the likes of Ben Arfa who was producing brilliance once every 5/6 games, which isnt good enough at this level! Anita certainly didnt deserve to be dropped and should be in our midfield ahead of Jonas, albeit he’s had his best 2 games for us for 2 seasons against Villa and Chelsea and despite the media MOM awards?! There was still many of the flaws in his game that ive witnessed since the championship. Anitas from an academy where they can pass a ball further than 2 yards with minimal effort, something that we’ve seen Tiote and Jonas struggle with.

  • TheDawg

    I think Anita was very unlucky to lose his place, he we was one of only a few positives i could take from the games when we were awful and it was playing in a side who made it their business to hoof the ball as far up the pitch as possible meaning the midfield generally didn’t see much of the ball in a offensive sense. Furthermore it’s his first season in the PL and in my opinion was adjusting to faster place, more physical nature of our game and was doing so way faster than i’ve seen others. He doesn’t look slow to me, so what evidence do you have to back that claim up? He looks neat and tidy and well i think your article is just plain incorrect.

  • Craig

    That’s a bit harsh. Yes, he struggled when he first arrived, and he’s not the quickest, but that does not to say he’s a poor player. He’s improved a lot over the last 3 months, and his passing accuracy is far better than some others in the team. The guy has a lot of potential.

  • Cabaye is relatively short and not pacey. is he rubbish too? Also, Anita is actually quite quick, have you watched him before?

  • Except for maybe Obertan, Anita is one of the quickest I’ve seen in Black and White this season

  • Glyn Wade

    Anita is top class but for him to show how good he is we need to play a high tempo game, full of lots of quick passes, requiring technical ability. until we do that the game will bypass him. i think with cabaye and ben arfa in the team he will start to look better as the ball is played on the floor. he certainly is quick though!!

  • steve

    rubbish from start to finish (apart from the bit about obertan and the amiobis)

  • <<<<<<<<<<< thinks your an idiot bud, lacks pace lol you been watching the wrong player me thinks

  • tonytoon

    Interesting article. It’s a point I’ve been trying to make for a few days now – and have been shot down in flames in pretty much th same way as this blog. Now – first of all, I like Anita and think he is a super player – but quick? I don’t think he is as slow as you make out but he is not as quick as most of th critics here think either. At 5’6 he is very industrious and gets around the pitch, but he is often caught out for pace by players with (frankly) longer legs. I would like to think that Pardieux would lift him into the team somehow but we must all be aware of the speed and physical nature of the premier league. We know Cabaye can handle himself ( cough understandingly) despite the lack of real pace but can Anita. I hope he proves he can but I understand Pardieux’ reluctance to take a risk right now.