AlanPardew2I don’t think there was anything more that Alan Pardew and his team could have done last night, I really felt sorry for them at the end of the match and especially Pardew when he had to face the cameras afterwards.

The manager had put his best team out, they’d got the better of a very good team over the ninety minutes and only poor match officials, bad luck and the odd bit of poor finishing meant that Newcastle won’t be taking at least a two goal lead to the Ukraine.

Alan Pardew post-match;

“I can’t play all of the team on Thursday and then all of the team against Southampton, we just aren’t going to have the energy.

I’m going to have to make changes, either in the second leg of this, or in the Premier League game.

I need to get that right because I’m really desperate to go through, even more so with those two decisions going against us.

The last thing you want to do is look back at the end of the tie and say we should have won two nil”.

Sadly I think that is exactly what we will be all saying because even with our best side out, the visitors looked very dangerous.

Alan Pardew  has said he can’t play the same eleven in both matches and the Europa leg has to be the one to suffer. Maybe if Newcastle had sneaked an extra 3 points at White Hart Lane they could have had made the match in the Ukraine the priority.

However, if you want to argue the point then I can only suggest you look at the league table, end of story.


  • Is Pardon Me really saying the team is going to be knackered still by the time we play Southampton? Come off it. It is defeatist to say he cannot play our strongest side in Ukraine. Are our players fit young men or are they not? Or, conversely, is Alain de
    Pardieu fit himself for the job? We were robbed by poor officials last night and fair play to the lads for their efforts. Even more reason to take all of our big guns to Ukraine and stick it to them.

    • tbpierrot

      And end up getting leapfrogged by southampton? They hammered City last week, we can’t get complacent yet. I’d play this team:

      – GK Krul (unfortunately have to send him, we can’t let them score more than 1)
      – LB Haidara (Santon deserves a break, this is when i wish we had Raylor fit and available)
      – CB Mbiwa&Taylor/Colo (only play one of our starting CBs, probably best to save Colo for the league since he’s abit older).
      – RB Anita (Simpson if fit, Anita moves to DM)
      – DM Bigi & Perch (Anita can play instead of Bigi if Simpson is available)
      – Wide Forwards Gutierrez & Obertan (start with Guti right and Obertan left, then swap to their normal sides if that doesn’t work)
      – CAM Marveaux (plays well in this position typically)
      – CF Cisse (deserves revenge – swap with shola after 60 mins)

      Subs – Elliott, Williamson, Santon, Sissoko (or Bigi if simpson is playing), Cabaye, Amalfitano, Shola

    • hoglan

      “Is Pardon Me really saying the team is going to be knackered still by the time we play Southampton?”

      Yes they are fit young men, most of them will want to play both fixtures, I don’t doubt the energy or commitment of any of our top players. Its about the likelyhood of getting 100% for 90 minutes in both fixtures.

      Best example in recent memory is the difference between Arsenal and us when we played them over xmas. They had their boxing day game cancelled, we didn’t, we were clearly flagging in the last half hour.

  • nufcdavid

    If we were 8th/9th in the league, i’d say sack the Southampton game off and go for a win in Kharkiv. But we’re not. Three points right now are way more valuable then a Europa League round of 16 tie.