NileRanger3Forest Hall…….home of Newcastle’s finest and Nile Ranger (future England international)

The Reading game has to be particularly disappointing, it was a must win game, and the thought of defeat was really unbearable.

So, heading off to drown my sorrows, my thoughts turned to what had just happened and I very nearly passed on the pub and headed home. I live in Forest Hall which is home to a decent shopping centre, couple of good clubs, a lively pub, some strange characters…and of course Nile Ranger.

Instead I met the lads in The Junction and had a few after match sorrow drowning bottles…out of the blue my phone vibrated and it was a mate who for some obscure reason follows Nile Ranger on twitter, he texted me Nile Ranger’s latest tweet from after the game.

Nileranger@Nilepowerranger “certain fans need to not come and support this team..coming to BOOO us..Stay at home..Dont need your Boo’s…say no more!!!!

Now living in Forest Hall I get the chance to go to the training ground to watch the reserves and juniors, four years ago I made the bold prediction that young Nile would play for England within five years.

Anyway, back to Saturday night and I headed home to Forest Hall for a few more beers with the Mrs before heading for home via the Chinese takeaway.

Whilst waiting for the food I noticed the Charcoal/Black Range Rover pull up outside, then the occupant jumped out and came into the very takeaway I was in. This car by the way seems to be double parked at lots of strange hours outside Bet Fred in Forest Hall, I do know the Roulette machines do very well for some reason.

Now let’s face it, Nile is a big lad, while I am not the most fit of 48 year old blokes. However, I have followed this club for 41 years, and while I don’t boo very often I was not going to let this “gangsta man” get away with telling us how to support our club

We then had the following conversation, which got quite heated on my part, and the only credit I offer him is he did not overreact.

nileranger3Me: You were wrong to tweet what you did about Newcastle fans today.

NR: No I wasn’t.

Me:Yes you were, you’ve got no right to tell us how to support the team, the fact is the manager got it wrong today.

NR: Booing still does not help.

Me: I agree but we pay lots of money to watch that sh*te, money some of us don’t have, not that it would bother you.

I then left and was going out the door when he winked and grinned at me, in what can only be described as a sarcastic manner, so straight back in I went with a slightly more raised voice.

Me: You think it’s funny do you? You know there were 2000 supporters who did a 720 mile round trip to Brighton a fortnight ago, to watch people like you not be interested, it was an insult, I know cos I was one of them.

NR: Nobody makes you go.

Me: Then another 500 mile round trip for the loyal ones to Norwich and you don’t give a toss.

I then ranted…

Me: You know 4 years ago I told quite a few people that you would play for England within 5 years.

NR: I will play for England one day.

Me (laughing): Play for England, you can’t even get out of bed to get to training on time, Sheffield Wednesday did not want you, quite frankly you’re not good enough for Darlington and they went out of the league 2 years ago, why were you not playing today?

NR : Manager’s choice who he picks.

Me: Fact is you’re not bothered, you don’t know what it means to wear that shirt, it is everything to people from here, go and ask Peter Beardsley who just happens to be from the area. I’ll be at Aston Villa a week Tuesday, will you be?

NR……………………….no reply

PeterBeardsley1For a few seconds I thought I would ask what happened at Southampton when he suddenly found himself out the door, Southampton – a team who have produced quality of the likes of Walcott and Bale, he could and should have learnt so much.

I could see now he was getting irritated himself and the takeaway owners were also getting nervous, the Mrs had long since scarpered, I then mumbled something about him needing some life coaching in the often lively Flying Scotsman, but again he had no answers so I left him to his curry and chips, yes that is what he ordered.

His Range Rover still had its engine running parked across 2 bays but hey he is Nile Ranger so it is ok.

For unlucky people like you and me we have no choice, we love our club and I have written so many times that players (and owners) come and go but fans are for life. Nile Ranger in my eyes epitomises everything that is wrong with the modern day footballer, he really has no idea nor does he care, and that is appalling at best..

I am sure I will see him again, I will just pop into Bet Fred one afternoon, and I am sure he and his “gangsta” mates will be swamping the roulette machines, good example for sure.

There are so many stories that go around Forest Hall regarding Mr Ranger, including the real reason Sheffield Wednesday did not want him, or should I say the reason he did not stay, but I daresay it would be risky publishing something that may not be true, although my gut feeling is everything I hear is true.

A recent article in one of the Fanzines was entitled ‘End of the Nile’, he clearly does not want to be a footballer, get rid now, that is what I say.

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  • Toonloony

    I am the wrong side of 40 with limited footballing ability, I still reckon I could put in a better performance than the useless pile of toss!!!! You did well not to slap him!!!

  • nilerangersdad

    leave nile alone, if anything he was showing his love for the club by giving some very valuable advice to some very stupid fans. please explain to me how booing is gonna help nufc play better. And all this gangster stereotyping is getting pretty old now, this is the 21st century not every young black lad is one

    • All well and good saying leave Nile alone, but Nile calls himself a “Gangster” so that’s not our fault, perhaps if you are his farther get hold of the boy and give him a slap before someone else does and before it’s too late

      • nilerangersdad

        just because you put a word in quotations doesnt make it one, not gonna say much more but hes 21 years old and has to put up with ridiculous amounts of hate and for what? trust me he obviously knows hes not wanted at nufc, do you not think he has to put up with harrassment like this multiple times a day

        • nilerangersdad

          and hes not actually my son

          • nilerangersdad

            hes my daughter

    • Mr T

      Booing isn’t ideal but people have the right to express the opinions. The reason people object to Nile Ranger having a go at us fans is because he’s done precisely sweet FA for the club, had it been say, Harper/Coloccini/Shola maybe then you could say they’ve earned the right. I see young Sammy got involved also and I think he needs to be careful what he wants out of his career, less tweeting pictures of new boots or shirts you’ve swapped after we’ve been beaten off Man City and more concentrating on your football

    • Perhaps he should have been given some parental advice about how not to act like a complete and utter tosser!

  • stopthisnonsense

    I’m with Nile here and while his tendencies as a person sometimes leave something to be desired, he’s been showing up to training on time for a fair bit of time. Also I was disappointed to hear the booing as well. The team is not going to play well in a negative atmosphere, its that simple. You have every right to express you discontent along with the rest of us but support the team while they’re on the pitch. And our club was dumb enough to give him those wages before he earned them, yes he’s got some growing up to do but he’s not a gangster and he’s clearly come to care about his club if he’s wiling to take this kind of flak.

    • dolally

      Should have jobbed the wanka

    • Please tell me that this post is a wind up!!!!!!

    • “He`s been showing up on time for a fair bit of time” has got to be the stupidest comment i`ve ever heard! What about turning up on time since he started! They dont start till 10am and he lives 1 mile away FFS

  • Did the president of Montpellier not say mapou was joining an ass at newcastle?

  • Hulio Geordieo

    Didn’t pardew comment after reading game that he wished he could hav brought a striker on instead of goin defensive? Wasnt ranger on the bench? Just shows that the gaffer thinks he’s a waste of space. Get out you parasite!!!

  • daniel_hall1979


    U must be very proud. :/

    And no not every young black lad is a gansta’. Even if they really, really, really want to be one like your letch of a son Nile.

    Sooner he’s back assaulting people down Landan Taan the better.

  • anyobrien

    Good for you mate .Next time knock him oot.

  • adamfalp1

    Well said mate, time wasters like him need to be told, even if he doesn’t care, maybe one day he’ll get the message.

  • nat

    Great Artical mate hope to here more from you on your meetings with the players good or bad from what you said you took the words out of everyone elses mouths and told it how it is fair play an hopefully it has some effect.Talking from the heart well done buddy.

  • Brian, next time you meet him ask him about the 1st team kit that went missing whilst he was at Southampton.

  • Stephen Mead

    He’s 21 years old, and who hasnt said daft things at that age. He seems to be getting a lot of hatred out there for a comment he made on twitter. People need to have thicker skins and be able to take comments like this on the chin. Booing doesn’t help but neither does the attitude of some people who support the club. I love the team and the area, i live in london now, at times feel a bit embarrassed explaining to some of the fans down here how things can get blown out of proportion at Newcastle and there is almost too much of a focus on the team as a representation of there own self worth.

  • Toon4

    Gangsta, the lad uploaded a pic with a gun in his hand. not stereotyping, he’s trying to act like one

  • David

    I’m pretty sure like everybody that Nile Ranger is a waste of space. But like you admitted booing the team when the manager subs an injured player doesn’t help…

    It might be bitter pill to swallow coming from a player that fans justifiably loathe but I agree with our hapless striker.

    Boo at your peril! I didn’t enjoy the Championship very much largely because I had to watch Nial get more and more game time.

    Stick with the team be ‘their 12th’ man and hopefully with Premier League status his contract will expire and he’ll find his level and blame his demise on a misguided youth!

  • Sando

    You shouldn’t badger the lad. Sure his comments were inane, but at least it showed he was willing to stick up for his team.

  • MIchael Norman

    Hmmmm maybe the club will finally sack the accused rapist scumbag!
    Hopefully the club will announce his contract cancellation – losing him out the club would feel better than a new signing!