xisco3It is now looking likely that we have seen the last of Xisco…not that many of saw much of him in the first place!

Spanish second division club, Cordoba, are looking to take our Spanish striker on loan until the end of the season.

This summer will mark the end of his five year contract and the final departure of a player whose signing summed up the poisonous nature of what was happening at Newcastle United at the time.

Kevin Keegan was manager at the time but to chalk this disastrous purchase down to KK would be about as wide of the mark as one of Xisco’s shots.

This of course was the era when Dennis Wise and others had the final say on purchases and you can only wonder exactly what went on with this signing, Mike Ashley and Newcastle United getting taken for close on £6m for a player who United then struggled to loan to any of the clubs back in Spain, despite being prepared to pay most of his wages.

In the odd appearance he made he looked a real trier, a bit like a modern day Tony Cunningham for fans of a certain vintage. What you heard of him off the pitch as well, suggested he was a canny lad and no bother.

The only problem being that Xisco wasn’t very good at football, which is a bit of a ‘problem’ when you are going to end up costing your club the best part of £20m in transfer fee and wages.

The only positive I can take form this is that when he signed there was mention of an extra £1m due to Deportivo depending on how he got on…I assume he didn’t quite meet that criteria!

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  • This lad has been the biggest failure I think I will ever see at NUFC. Dennis Wise should never be able to get away with this and, I guess, his recent employment status reflects this.

    • Geordiebb

      You can only fail at something if you’ve been given a chance to succeed. Possibly his private life had an unseen, but tangible, effect on his chances at SJP. Plus he was one of the ‘poison dwarfs’ signing……………..so he never really stood a chance.

      • Yeah that’s fair enough really, he was no success but I guess he was in a league above where he should have been. I guess we agree on Wise too ;)

  • xisco was without doubt the wost signing ever in terms of what he gave to the club,what he took and what happened after his signing(kk quitting,relegation,court case etc.)

    • Heaton Mick

      I’d say that giving a new contract to Nile Ranger was just as disastrous. At least we haven’t paid ALL Xisco’s wages for the last 3 or 4 years and you don’t read stuff about him in the press.
      I assume he can’t show much in training as it can be the only reason that Ranger gets on the bench in front of him. The few times Xisco has managed to get on the pitch he’s been average- a distinct improvement on some of our attacking purchases over the years!

  • Ex-Pat Mag

    I wonder if Llambias still maintains that “Xisco was Kevin’s (signing) – don’t believe everything you read” as he stated in his one and only meeting with the Supporters Panel and the NUST.

  • jayaldihnio

    I think his personal life may have played a big part in his none apperances in a black and white shirt. read somthing somewhere about him being openly gay back in Spain, a google search brought up a few more. never seen it seriously reported though. could be a factor, or possibly not, may just be diabolical. shame I remember thinking he would be a good signing, was highly thought of as a youngster. as I remember was a good fifa/champ man signing

  • dont think the xisco kid was too much to blame at the begining,must of been tough as a kid in a new country to be thrown into the total chaos that happened after his arrival,he had a tough start,probably the toughest of any nufc signing EVER.it was sink or swim and he sunk fast.feel a bit for the lad but heard a few stories of strange off field behaviour and fake injuries etc cant believe it all like but good luck to him in his future career.a costly costly signing in more ways than one(kk,relegation,protests etc)