AlanPardew40Alan Pardew occupies a unique position tonight.

After the worst match of the season, the manager has claimed, “We performed well today”.

In the lead up to the match Pardew had asked the players to reward the fans for their support, I really hope this isn’t what he had in mind…;

“Not too many moments in the game but that suited us because we needed to get something today. We needed a show of spirit of the pitch and a belief and show our fans that we’re up for the fight and we did in no uncertain terms.

We take that to a home match against Reading.

It’s very important (the clean sheet), but also momentum, it gives something to build on. We’ve worked hard on the back four and I think that showed.

It was a good performance, thought the goalie was terrific as well, coming to get some crosses and taking the sting. It’s a tough place here because they are  very much a goal threat from crosses and they do it well.

We performed well today”.

Watching that rubbish today, Alan Pardew clearly set his stall out for a point, nothing wrong with that….up to a point.

However, this was against a club who had lost their last four matches and who were missing all of their frontline strikers.

In those circumstances, how hard is it to grind out a point against an average team missing their forwards?

Having watched the ninety minutes I reckon that was one of our five or six most winnable matches of the last seventeen and we never looked like scoring.

One positive (possibly) is that the way Newcastle approached this match leaves you in no doubt that Alan Pardew and everybody else at St.James’ Park knows we are in a relegation fight, getting out of it might prove a little more difficult.

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  • Lintonlad

    Look on the bright side, it was (I think) the first away clean sheet (in the PL) of the season.


    I thought it was a much needed confidence booster and the bottom of the trough has been passed. Norwich at home are no mugs – onwards and upwards now.

  • Ollybadger

    I don’t feel at all confident after that… it’s little things that really wind me up. Premier League footballers paid 30-60 grand a week who can’t even take a corner (anita) or pass the ball to a teammate (gutierrez). Oh and yes our defending was great against all of Norwich’s misplaced passes and standing around on the ball. Norwich played the worst I have ever seen them today, and we didn’t take advantage in the slightest.

  • “In those circumstances, how hard is it to grind out a point against an average team missing their forwards?” – fair do’s – they had forwards missing but at home they’ve beaten: Arsenal;Spurs;Stoke; Man Utd and Sunderland and just lost 3-4 to Man. City (Man City was two weeks ago for goodness sake – and they scored three!). Great performance by us? – far from it – great result? Too right. It will mean nothing if we don’t beta Reading at home like – but if we do – forget who the opposition are (and Norwich just aren’t as poor as the author is making out) 4 points; wins at home and draws away – that’s how we’ll climb out of this godawful position – I would have paid not to watch the game today – but the result – it will do me.

  • glasshalfempty

    I’d of taken a point before this game so don’t knock it!!

  • Ummm for the person who called norwich average …they best arsenal and man united at carrow road and went on a 10 game unbeaten run and are unbeaten in 3 at home …it wasnt a pretty game and few chances came but we got a point only twenty points left amd pardew is talkimg of four signings :)