SJP2The latest Deloitte football money league figures have just been released and Newcastle United are once again in the top twenty clubs in the world in terms of revenue.

Deloitte report;

‘Newcastle United re-enter the Money League in 20th position after a three year absence. The Magpies had been present in all 12 editions of the Deloitte Football Money League up to and including the 2007/08 season with their highest position being fifth in 1997/98.’

The figures are for the 2011/12 season and Newcastle United are the only change to the twenty clubs who made the list last year, United replacing Valencia.

The figures do not include transfer fees and Newcastle moved into 20th place after seeing revenue rise by 5% from the previous season, going up from £88.6m to £93.3m which enabled them to go up five places from 25th in 2010/11.

Real Madrid top the list with £414.7m and their rivals Barca second place at £390.8, the highest English placed club unsurprisingly Manchester United with revenues of £320.3m.

The other English clubs to feature are Chelsea (5th – £261m), Arsenal (6th – £234.9m), Manchester City (7th – £231.1m), Liverpool (9th – £188.7m) and Spurs (13th £144.2m).

Newcastle were one of only four clubs to make the top twenty who hadn’t been involved in European competition; Liverpool, Juventus and Hamburg the three others.

The breakdown of Newcastle’s total of £93.3m was;

Matchday Revenue £23.9m
Broadcasting £55.6m
Commercial £13.8m

The figures show yet again that Newcastle United have got the potential to compete at the upper end as the breakdown shows there is massive room for growth on the Commercial side.

The biggest help in moving Newcastle into the top twenty was of course the excellent 5th position which as Deloitte report;

“An increase of £7.1m (15%) in broadcast revenue is the main reason behind Newcastle’s return to the Money League.”

That of course is on top of the money our massive support can generate which is of course is the major reason why we feature so often on TV, helping to attract that revenue.

We’ll bring you further analysis of the report later.

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  • Mal

    Interesting. Although good to see the improvement, and we’d expect to be behind Chelsea, Man U, Man City and Arsenal, it does beg the question as to why we are so far behind Spurs and Liverpool. It would be interesting to see the above breakdown for those 2. We seem to be missing out somewhere.

  • We’re so far behing the likes of Cesspool & Spurts because we don’t charge extortionate ticket & merchandise prices to the fans, unlike the aforementioned teams…..